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My Calculator Is Broken! May 26, 2011

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Gee, thanks so much Surrey Gal for posting this link for me to ‘test’ my romatic chemistry with any number of random guys.  No, it’s not based on physical attraction or emotional compatability.  It’s based on name matchings!  Just names!  You know what I found out?  Apparently my name SUCKS as I didn’t score very high with (m)any!  I plugged in a bunch of names for guys that I have dated in the past.  Well, the ones who’s names I could actually remember, that is. 😉 (this cut the list down a lot, btw).

Just to give you an idea of why exactly, I am still single at my advanced age, I give you the highly scientific results of some of my most memorable dates:

me + 5 hour 1st date guy = 57%

me + 35 year old Brady Bunch loving guy = 63%

me + vacation fling = 63%

me + my college boyfriend = 44%

me + Lemon Zinger = 98% (what the fuck?! i could have told you that ……… too bad he turned out to be a socially retarded ass)

me + Alpha Male = 78% (no way in hell)

me + the ex = 58% (duh)

me + Big Red = 82%

me + Lil’ Red = 64%

me + Fancy Pants (you remember, the one who actually ran away from me in a bar?) = 38%

Okay, so maybe it’s not so far off the mark. 😉


12 Responses to “My Calculator Is Broken!”

  1. 42%.!!!! Should I break up with him now or wait until after our trip this weekend?

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      LMAO! you KNOW that I plugged you and SNB into that sucker last night and came up with the same number 😦 I wasn’t going to say anything though ………

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Oh, and wait until after your fun trip this weekend! 😉

  2. jgavinallan Says:


    Have you tried Asian guys?
    Just want to help…I could send a few over.


    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Uh, no thank you, but I appreciate the offer. Being 5’10” doesn’t really lend itself to that 😉

      • jgavinallan Says:


        lol lol lol—you’re so right.

        But an Asian girl with an American boy two feet taller is ok! very ok!

        love Jaye

  3. Surrey gal Says:

    Ha ha ha! Your welcome! Lemon Zinger is the One, by the looks of it. Socially retarded or not 😛

  4. Matthew Says:

    I apparently have much more to read back on (more so than I’ve already done) if there’s a guy who literally ran away from you.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Hi Matthew! Good to see you! Uh yeah, he freaked out (2nd date, mind you) and ran out of the bar! Good for my ego, I tell ya’ ……. 😉

      Oh, and I went back and found the post for you and made a link 🙂

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