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So, What Brought You Here This Week? May 26, 2011

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It’s pretty funny the search terms that some people put into wordpress that lead them to my blog.  Poor, poor people.  What’s even funnier is that some of the search terms are the exact same as they were last week.  Odd, but whatever.  I am totally tempted now to put ‘douchebag’ into the wordpress search engine and see how many a) dating blogs I hit and b) how many bodily function blogs I hit.  Ick.  Maybe not.

So here’s what has brought people to my humble little ramblings this week:

43 and single  (either there are a hell of a lot of 43 year old singles on here, or some peeps just use this to intentionally find me – god knows why) 10
big pussy  (what did you just call me?  and do you think they are looking for information on cats, wimpy guys, or overactive whores? oh, and btw, I am not a fan of any of the aforementioned) 2
talk soon (yeah, no you won’t) 2
i need something to hold fuck that passive aggression meaning (i don’t really understand the jumbled arrangement of words, but might I suggest a worry stone?) 1
debating whether i want to marry (oh hell, don’t ask me!  but btw, how did you find a man who you would even consider having this internal debate about.  and does he have a brother?) 1
danny tario (really?  who knew he was so popular?) 1
i don’t like to waste my time getting to know people (hmmmmm, i guess you’re looking forward to a long life.  alone.  with no one around who gives 2 shits about you) 1
what does studmuffin, tom mean (that’s sort of conceited of Tom to refer to himself as a studmuffin, doncha think?) 1
i’m moving to dc (me too!  lots of bikes to ride and share and swap and test out and, and ……… well, you know ……) 1
i’m worried about my ex he tried to take advantage of me (uhm, if he’s your ex, why did you let him close enough (figuratively AND literally) to do that?) 1
im tired of dating nothing ever works anyway (join the club, my friend) 1
single at 43 (yup, still ……..) 1
greygoosedirty wordpress (that’s me!) 🙂 1
i find myself turning in circles (sadly, that’s me too) 😉 1
art of passive aggressive (i’ve got that one down, sister!  pull up a chair and take notes!) 1
okstupid (I agree) 1
mail funone*  (uh, don’t mail anyone that refers to themselves as funone – sounds like funyun – those gross onion thingies) 1
urban dictionary cliff (I haven’t yet met Cliff, but wonder what he’s doing in the urban dictionary) 1
how to outsmart evie  (poor Evie, 1st it’s her closet, now it’s all about outsmarting her.  good luck, btw, she’s damn smart) 1
how to forget a vacation fling (uh, duh!  go on another vacation and find a new one!) 1
boring you to (i know, i know, i’m trying though) 1
pics of screwed up teeth (why would anyone want to see that?) 1
we’ll talk soon (see above) 1
ms.cleo 2011 (she’s kinda full of shit) 1
may sat score 2011 (your score was 2011 or the year is 2011?) 1
figure dating me hi and hello dear 2011 (what?) 1
i think you have a great profile – all the best in your search (are you looking up kiss off form letters to send?) 1
tammy wynette cleavage (what. the . fuck?  and why would that bring anyone here?)


Not sure why I get such a kick out of these, but I do.  I know, I know.  I’ll start dating again soon and then we can all go back to having a gay old time making fun of my fucked up (lack of ) love life. 🙂


4 Responses to “So, What Brought You Here This Week?”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    I feel left out


  2. Surrey gal Says:

    That made me laugh! It’s always good to laugh before you go to sleep (for few hours only…). The Evie one was brilliant 😀

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I don’t know why people are so preoccupied with all things Evie 😉 poor girl ……. nighty nite!

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