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Religious Observation For The Day May 28, 2011

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We all know what a god-fearing woman I am ………. oh wait…….. that’s not me at all. 😉 Sure, I totally believe in ‘doing unto others’ and all that jazz, it’s just that organized religion isn’t really my thing.  If  you have a good heart, treat people well and conduct yourself in respectful manner, then we’re all good.  This post isn’t about the pros and cons of organized religion though.  It’s about Mormon Missionaries.  We have a lot of them in town.   I don’t know why.  Maybe Phoenix is a town full of heathens in need of being saved.  Whatever.  You know, if you’ve ever seen one of these guys, that they dress very nicely in either black or navy slacks, a white button down, a tie and a backpack with which I can only assume they carry their ‘saviour tools’ (no, not the sort of tools that I date off the internet either).  Sometimes you see them standing on street corners, but most times you see them riding their bikes around town.  In their proper slacks & shirt & tie & backpack.  And helmet.  And it occurred to me today as I was speeding past one of them that they really do look like special ed kids when peddling around town like that.  I’m just sayin’ …….

Yeah, I know, they are saving a very special spot for me front row center in hell ……….. I’m planning on bringing marshmallows to roast 😉


8 Responses to “Religious Observation For The Day”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    Have you ever tried one of them?

    Those ties look cute


  2. The fun thing about Mormon missionaries is that they have to do their thing all over the world. Many years ago two young American Mormons knocked on our door in my home country. My dad opened and seeing that he’d never experienced that before (he was from another country), he told them to come back when my mum was home. Which they did.

    My dad invited them in and quickly let them know that in no way were we interested in being converted. But I think they were so homesick and tired of having the door slammed in their faces that they were just happy to be invited into someones home. The fact that is was an English speaking home just made it better. So for the next 2-3 years we had Mormons (changing with six months intervals) coming to our house about once every second week. Some of them still send my mum Christmas cards 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      OMG, that’s so sweet BAS. I’m sure you’re right too about them just being so friggin thrilled to not have a door slammed in their face and to actually be invited into someone’s home. Now I see where you get your good heart from ……. your mom. 🙂

  3. cateohara Says:

    Love this post!
    Though having two small(ish) kids, I now am cracking myself up thinking of Dora the explorer and “backpack” and wondering if like Dora, the “backpack” is loaded up with goods and knick knacks, too – anything you need to convert, I’ve got it here for you…
    thanks for the laugh.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      oooh, do you think Dora is some sort of a plant from the mormon church? 😉 too funny …..

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