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Grading Miss Cleo 5-29 May 29, 2011

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If you were to give up now on an important endeavor, you might never know what would have happened if you’d chosen instead to persevere for just one more day. Of course you could say that very same thing day after day after day, and where would it end? Would you go on and on continuously – facing failure after failure? Certainly that’s a possibility, Leo. But with a current pursuit, you are all but assured a successful outcome if you continue to strive, continue to believe, and continue to move forward knowing that failure is not an option.
I sure hope she’s talking about my apparently eternal quest to find a good guy. For me. That lasts more than 3 dates. And is a stellar bike rider. 😉


One Response to “Grading Miss Cleo 5-29”

  1. jgavinallan Says:


    Your spiritual attitude is Eastern. You are strong, yet have the ability and “brains” to bend.


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