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Why I HATE Undies June 4, 2011

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Nope, sorry pervs, this is not about how I pulled a Britney Spears or a Paris Hilton.  Nor does it even have to do with my undergarments of choice.  It has to do with my date with Undies Guy today.  Which may go down in history as the 2nd worst date ever (Fancy Pants still wins for absolutely worst).  So we were going to meet for drinks yesterday.  Then he changed it to lunch yesterday (without asking).  Then I changed it to drinks today.  And he, of course, changed it to lunch (again, without asking).  So he picks a sushi place all the way across town when there is one much much closer, but whatever.   We were to meet there at 1.  As the place is about 30 minutes from me and I hate to be late, I left 45 minutes early.  I see that my car needs gas, but don’t want to stop because I don’t want to be late.  That would be rude.  Anyway, I end up getting there 15 minutes early.  Crap.  I text him that I’m uber early and he sends back that he just needs to park his 10 speed and will be right there.  What the fuck?  He better have been joking about riding a 10 speed as that would be the only bike ride he’d be getting.  He then asks if I have a padlock.  What?  I send back, assuming that he’s joking that sorry, I left my padlock in my other purse.  Meanwhile it’s now almost 1 and he’s still not there, so I text that he better pedal faster as he’s almost late.  He sends back that he’ll be there in 1 minute.  A full 15 minutes later, I’m still standing outside like a fucking jackass waiting for him so I decide to call him since it’s 1:15 by now.  He answers, I ask where he is, he says he’s ‘almost there’. Right.  I ask where and he tells me some place at least 10 minutes away.  He then asks me ‘why? are you in a hurry to go someplace else?’ to which I respond ‘no, but it’s sort of rude to be so late with no warning and I was just wondering if you’re planning to show up at all’  to which he goes ‘why? do you get stood up a lot?”  OMG!  I’m so fucking pissed at this point that I can’t decide whether to just leave or to stay and order a shitpot of sushi and run up the bill.  As I’m just about to stomp off, he runs up to me.  At 1 fucking 30 and acts like nothing is wrong.  What an idiot.

No apology, no nothing.  We go in, he orders a beer, so I order a beer.  He orders a sushi roll so I order a sushi roll.  He orders another roll and I don’t.  I’m full and really, why be an ass and just jack up the bill for no reason?  So we chat, he’s pretty much a total retard but nice enough that I don’t want to shove my chopstick in his eye.  Until the bill comes.  And he gives the waitress his credit card and tells her to charge ‘x’ amount on his, leaving almost 1/2 for me. What. The. Fuck?!  I should have bitched him out, but was caught so entirely off guard that I just handed my credit card to the waitress with a dumbfounded look on my face.  He keeps chatting away like nothing is wrong and as soon as the waitress drops our receipts I sign and get up.  He insists on walking me to my car and asks what I’m doing the rest of the day to which I reply, ‘nothing with you’ and he chucks me on the arm and tells  me to have a nice day.  OMG!  I sooooooo wanted to kick him in the nads!

Really?  30 minutes late with no apology.  A total dick on the phone to me.  Total disbelief that I’m none to thrilled at his stellar time management skills and then he sticks me with half the bill!  He suggested lunch!  That means he pays!  I can’t tell you how pissed off I still am!  I should have just left.

I really hope that things work out with Webster as I don’t know how much more of this I can take.


11 Responses to “Why I HATE Undies”

  1. stevesw Says:

    Proves that human maturity and social skills do not come with age, and his bike cycle has more ‘gears’ than he does.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      ugh, he was just so f*cking clueless as to why I was upset about him being 30 minutes late with not one serious ‘sorry, I’m running late’ text mixed in with his retarded ones ……

  2. jgavinallan Says:


    Wow! That’s all I can say


  3. You should definitely have ordered more sushi!

  4. mysterycoach Says:

    ROFL! I am so sorry, I just found that funny as hell in a “are you kidding me” way. This is actually why I like to talk to them on the phone first. I don’t need to walk out of the house and sit through something like this if I can avoid it. For me, I want to hear their voice, get a feel for them on the phone.

    I remember this one guy I was getting to know talking on the phone, told me, he wanted to bend me over a car at lunch time… I was like, boy, what did I tell you about talking shit to me like that? I don’t even know you, you’re done. Click.

  5. Surrey gal Says:

    Half an hour late???
    Well, you should have kicked him. Why not.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I should have left before he got there is what I should have done. Oh well, live and learn (or not)

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