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Quizmaster June 13, 2011

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So last time I saw Webster, I asked him some questions that were on my mind.  One of them being the way he answered some of his quiz questions on OkStupid.  Now remember that OkStupid has a multitude of questions that members can respond to (or not) and those get ‘ranked’ against your own to give a totally bogus compatibility score.  Yeah, I think 5 hour first date and I were ranked a 98% match, with 12% chance of just being friends and 0% of being enemies.  That cute little vegan guy that I liked so much was a 99% match with me, with a 2% chance of just being friends and a 0% chance at being enemies.  Great numbers, right?  Well yeah, they don’t measure the real important stuff apparently as neither of these guys went past the 1st date.  Webster however, measured a 54% chance of being a match, a 32% chance of being friends and a 51% chance of being enemies.  Uh, kinda ominous.  Good thing the measurements are totally bogus.

The questions on there range anywhere from where you stand politically, to some horribly rude and intrusive sex questions, to math & logic questions (i always check these 1st ’cause I can’t date a stupid man), to random weirdness.  Remember that this is the site that actually has the questions ‘do you know what sperm tastes like’?  Nice.  I opted out of answering anything having to do with religion, politics or sex and stuck to the personality/intelligence type questions.  Webster just pretty much answered them all.  And in a totally bullshit way.  I hoped.  While reading through his responses before we even met, his answers certainly contributed to his nickname at the time of pompous douchebag.  If I were to take his answers at face value, he would be a total sex addict that doesn’t believe in monogamy, does believe in sleeping with married women, believes in one night stands, threesomes, lying about cheating, and a plethora of other none too stellar character traits.  When I first read them, I sort of sat open mouthed thinking he was a total asshole.  When we met, I couldn’t quite match up the guy he was in person to the idiot he was in the quiz.  I never asked him about it until I saw him on Friday.

When he told me he hadn’t been on the site since basically we met, I took the opportunity to ask him about his responses and how I hoped he was just joking around.  He couldn’t remember how he answered them.  When I told him that he apparently doesn’t believe in any of the ‘standard’ relationship norms, he looked a little embarrassed and admitted that he totally smartassed his way through them.  Whew.  He then asked me if I thought he should go back and change them.  I of course blurt out, ‘why, so you can meet more women instead of scaring them away with your responses?’ to which he looked kinda thoughtful for a second before replying ‘well in that case, I’ll leave them how they are as I’m good for now’. 🙂

No grand declaration of his undying devotion to me, but still nice.  And I’ll take it! 🙂


11 Responses to “Quizmaster”

  1. jgavinallan Says:


    I like him….

  2. mysterycoach Says:

    I’m glad you asked him 🙂 NICE! And you got a bit of a bonus at the end too didn’t cha… that’s pretty cool!

  3. Surrey gal Says:

    Yey, yey, yey!!! If I knew how I’d put a an icon of a little jumping smiley 🙂 That was a very, very nice answer. Very nice. And quite a declaration, I’d say!

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Haha, thanks SG! I didn’t think his response was too shabby either. 😉 He is funny though, he keeps declaring that he’s not looking to get married again anytime soon ~ uh, that’s nice, I’m not a ring chaser, so calm down …….. 😉

  4. everevie Says:

    Hey…men tell the truth in their little toss away statements like that. So, taking note of his answer is smart…and shows that he’s into you. Yay. 🙂

  5. stevesw Says:

    “I’m good for now” Great answer; we’ll give him 10 thumbs up!

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