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Reminscing About Irish Guy June 18, 2011

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You all remember Irish Guy, right?  The short(ish) guy that I dated (yes, for more than 5 times) at the end of last year/beginning of this year that used to fawn all over me.  Compliment me, leer admire me, allow me to pay for dinner more than I should have, would talk incessantly about himself, would announce to any random stranger how awesome he thought I was, who really didn’t have any sort of a ‘plan’ in life or for the future,  who didn’t have a real job and much preferred to just run around a soccer field refereeing soccer games?  The one who showed up on my doorstep when I invited him over for dinner 20 minutes late and empty-handed?  The one with the ‘flat tire’?  The one who told every single one of his friends and family members about me after our 1st date? Yes!  That one.  He would call me every single day.  He would ramble on about himself, his feelings, his cat, his friends, his family and anything else that popped into his head at any given moment.

Sure the attention was nice and all but damn if he was not the most inappropriate match for me as far as maturity level (I’m much more immature 😉 ) or need for future security.  He was a total ‘fly by the seat of his pants’ kinda guy as he knew he had his parents to fall back on (really dude?  you were 42).  Anyway, I was thinking about him today.  No, not because I miss anything about him.  Not because I wonder what he’s up to and if he still thinks about me.  Not even because he made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside while simultaneously bugging the shit out of me.  Really, I thought of him today because I went to Starbucks and used that dumbass gift card that he sent me after I dumped his ass. 😉

(and it gave me a headache; just like he used to)


12 Responses to “Reminscing About Irish Guy”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    This was a whirlwind of information and memories…over him?
    I hope
    PS: I like D Donuts better…

  2. Surrey gal Says:

    Ha ha ha!!!! I’ll go to sleep laughing!

  3. stevesw Says:

    Shame it was not someplace you culd order Irish coffee.

  4. Matthew Says:


    I was at a Starbucks today too. Though I didn’t order a darned thing. Just used their WiFi.

    I’ll make up for it and order something tomorrow…with a gift card.

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