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Just To Prove An Already Proven Point June 19, 2011

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You know, the one that absolutely guarantees that guys you’re not all that into will respond, while the ones that you are won’t?  Yeah, my absolute favorite!  And by favorite I mean that it sucks.

I was able to figure out which Mark – Match Mr. Long Story Short was and sent of a quick ‘happy father’s day’ text.  Would you like to know how long it took him to respond?  That would be about 32 seconds.  He replied with a ‘thanks! i’m having a great day with my daughter!  how are you?’

Wanna know who else I sent a quick ‘happy father’s day’ text to?  Yup, to W.  2 hours ago.  Guess who didn’t bother to reply.  Yup, one in the same. 

So not only did Mark respond right away, but was nice and polite and actually asked me about myself.  Nice.  I sent back a quick reply and oh look, here’s another text already waiting.  Well hold the phone people, it’s from W.  Responding to my text from 2 hours ago.  Wanna know what his said?  ‘Thx’ …………. yup, that’s all.  Dammit.


12 Responses to “Just To Prove An Already Proven Point”

  1. I’m sorry that W is turning out to be such a jerk. I really have no idea what’s going on with him or what he’s thinking, but I sure hope you find out. I’m sure it would be fascinating for all of us to hear what he has to say.

  2. mysterycoach Says:

    Errr uhm… I texted all my male friends today a Happy Father’s day… 1/2 responded, 1/2 did not… however, W … seriously? Egh… I know you liked him, I’m sorry. Don’t extend yourself to him anymore.

    I mean, you can’t keep talking to a person, or sending something to them where they do not respond. Personally, I do my best to discuss something but if I don’t get a response and I’ve expressed something, by various methods? I mean what’s to do? I can’t make someone respond or have a discussion with me. I can’t control their understanding of what I’ve said either. What I will say, is that I think you’ve done your best and … maybe it’s time to … ya know. Let go… you can’t chase someone who isn’t chasing you back.

    I sent CB a text with everyone else today and he responded too. So did another friend of mine I speak to only like once a year, etc., we’re going to make plans with him and his boys when school is out. Unless of course he’s still going out with this … evil woman he used to see. 🙂

    Your guy is out there, he’s hanging out with mine … he has his head screwed on straight, he likes us just the way we stand… 🙂 Good things are coming… don’tchew worry! I look at it from the following perspective, one day we’ll meet someone on the same page in life. And … things just click. Other times you’re beating your head off the wall … I don’t need anymore lumps in my head, do you? ROFL!

    • I’m not chasing W. He contacted me last on Thursday. It IS father’s day and he IS a father, so as I did with all the other guys I know that are single dads, I sent him a happy father’s day text. I don’t like to be described as ‘chasing’ (even though I sometimes do) – it makes me sound like a desperate loser. I have no plans to contact him again.

      • mysterycoach Says:

        I know, I know … that’s my term… for when I’ve done it. And, I have. Ya know… it’s a nice gesture and he’s a bone head. 🙂 You’re not a desperate loser… hey look it me! I was content to be patient with a person who … was not ready. For a very long time. So… and you know? I’m not a desperate loser. I assumed that if all I had to do was be patient, and I got to keep the boy in the end? It would have been worth it. Course, all the times I was confused or chased … yah…. I’m not a pathetic loser and whose to say? I may, for the right person, do it again. LOL

        But GAWD I sure hope I don’t allow it to drag out as long as I did this last time. It’s cool though, we’re on our way to being friends. So… I can deal. One day he’ll get a girlfriend and that will be it. So… yah… nope I absolutely do not think that you’re a loser…I just did what I felt was the right things with the wrong person.

  3. jgavinallan Says:

    Oh no—not a loser…do not talk like that—Life is full of ups and downs…every body loses something sometime…the only LOSERS are the quiters…and that is definitely not you

    a bigger hug than usual

  4. Heather Says:

    Hey GG – I spent several hours researching last night and complied a list for myself. Based on the comment you left me, I felt you should see my list so I posted a blog about it. Hope it helps. And oh, one more thing. Middle finger to W. You deserve a guy who is investing time into you…and not taking it away. That’s all I am saying. http://onlinedatingcircus.wordpress.com/2011/06/19/kudos-to-evan-marc-katz-online-dating-woman/

  5. everevie Says:

    Grrrrr! Arrrrghhhhh! Gaaaah!

    I mean…what else can I say?? I’m so f’ing frustrated at “man”-kind right now.

    I’m sorry about W. Who knows…maybe he’ll come around…but in the meantime…quit chasing him or else I’m gonna have to come give you a big ole hug…a BIG hug. 😉

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