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Seeing Double June 19, 2011

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So in a futile attempt to get my mind off of what may or may not be going on with W, I decided I would just shoot a quick text message to Mr Long Story Short to wish him a happy father’s day today as I know he’s in California with his daughter.  I make it a habit of deleting text message threads on my phone, so I don’t really have any in the queue.  We also know that I label all of my internet er, friends, in my phone by their 1st name and what site they’re from.  Sorry it’s just easier than having to refer to my spreadsheet all the time (kidding, I don’t have one of those lame things …… oh, er).  So I pull up Mark in my phone (’cause believe it or not, Mr Long Story Short has a real name) and what do I find?  I have THREE Marks in my phone from Match and one from OkStupid.  Now Mr Long Story short is from match.  But I have no clue which number is his (or who the other 2 even are).  Nice.

Moral of this story?  After it is decided that Mark or Dave or Leroy or Melvin is a douche and not gonna work out, delete their number from your phone!


13 Responses to “Seeing Double”

  1. Cousin Bette Says:

    I don’t believe it! Have you just read my blog by any chance? It is indeed a parallel universe…. Am I you or are you me? Or are you Stella? Come on! Own up!

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    Am I confused? But…waiting for the follow up…
    How is W?


  3. Surrey gal Says:

    But maybe you will need something from them one day? I have a mental block from deleting the numbers. Just in case I need them. But then I also have a problem with throwing away used jam jars….

    • haha ~ pretty sure I won’t need anything from them. Ever. It would also help if I could remember who the heck they even are! 😉

      I like jam jars much better than guys on the internet!

  4. everevie Says:

    LOLOL!! Aha! Now I don’t feel so bad for all my notebooks, etc. I used to keep while internet dating. I wouldn’t have had this problem. 😉

    Spreadsheets rock.

  5. I think a better approach would be to decide if Mark or Dave or Leroy or Melvin is a “douche” and then either (a) delete them from your phone or (b) rename them to “ZZ – whatever-their-name-is” so you can still pull the number if you need to and can see who is texting you if they follow up in the distant future. Of course, the ZZ prefix tells you right away it’s time to run for the hills again.

    Also, and you think guys are dumb, why would you put someone in your phone as “Mark”?! It’s a common name (as you now know). It’s OK if it’s Melvin or Leroy or Lachlan, but Mark/Dave/John need an actual surname!! Geez. 🙂

    • Really SD? This is internet dating. You don’t find out last names until date #3. Which is why I don’t know anyone’s last name!

      • Seriously? So you end up on a date with, say, “Roger” and don’t know his last name? That sounds so scary!!!

        • scary is having all the creeps online know your last name and be able to get all up in your business ……. you’ve gotta be bit protective over information until you meet and ‘know’ that they aren’t shitheads (or are, but are just really cute ones) 😉

          • Ohhh! I hadn’t thought of that!

            I can see I’m going to need a course on online dating one day … *sigh*

            You’ve got the battle scars, maybe you should team up and — you’ll love the next bit! — in your spare time, write a course like this for all the newly-brokenhearted looking to find their way back into love (if that phrase hasn’t been copyrighted by the Music & Lyrics movie).

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