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Dear, Sweet Paul June 20, 2011

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You all remember Paul.  The author of my 1st ever Dear John e-mail after date number 3 last year?  Yup, we’re still friends.  We still meet up for lunch every so often.  He still fills me in on his dating life and I fill him in on my dating fiascos life as well.  I think when last I wrote about Paul, he had just been dumped by his then girlfriend.  Who he had just told he was having another girl from out of state come stay with him for 10 days.  Go figure.  Poor guy didn’t (and probably still doesn’t) see the issue with dating one gal and having another single gal that you may or may not be interested in staying in your house with you for 10 days.  Ahhh, you gotta love his naiveté.

Anyway, as he had never actually met this gal before and they had only talked on the phone and e-mailed incessantly for the past few months, I made sure to have him check to make sure the locks on his bedroom door worked (from the inside) and told him to call me should he need ‘saving’ at any point in time.  I knew good and well that this would not turn out well, but damn if it’s not entertaining when it’s not my life involved. 😉  Well apparently she arrived on Thursday.  And apparently it took Paul all of 2 days to decide there is absolutely no chemistry there.  And now he’s stuck with her in his house for the next 6 days!  Duh.  I warned him about this.

I wonder if she thinks there’s still a chance?



4 Responses to “Dear, Sweet Paul”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    I think this relationship is cute—but is it really over?

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