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Would You Consider Dating Someone 5’8″? June 20, 2011

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Yup, that was the last stellar message I had waiting for me on OkStupid before hiding my profile.  Let’ see, would I consider dating someone 5’8″ (when I’m fully 5’10”), hmmmmmm.  I would consider it as much as I would consider dating a 68 year old.  Or an ex-con.  Or someone who lives in their parent’s basement.  Or a girl.  Or someone with no front teeth.  Or who has turrets. 

In other words, my dear fellow …………. i’ll think about it. 😉  Ooopsie, thinking done …………. NO


14 Responses to “Would You Consider Dating Someone 5’8″?”

  1. Why do you dismiss him so fast? Is someone 2 inches shorter than you (unless he’s actually SIX inches shorter) really similar to an ex-con with no front teeth living in his parent’s basement loser (I summed them up to make it easier!)? 🙂 He might be as fit-looking as Tom Cruise or Sylvester Stallone…just teensy!

    And, no, I am *not* 5’8″ !!

    • lesson #1 in online dating: if a guy states he is anything under 6′, you must subtract and additional 2 inches 🙂 Hey, they’re not my rules, it’s just how they are!

      And than you for proving my point on the Tom Cruise & Sylvester Stallone thing …….. ick

      Oh, and he was also kinda sort really ugly ……. :-X

  2. LOL, I like your math! I have heard it the other way around for guys. Whatever a lady says she weighs, add 25-50% to that. Mean but supposedly true. Maybe dating sites need to upgrade to photos where you get to rotate around the person and see them from all angle (“Hmm, she looks nice so far …. wait, what’s that? That’s her BUTT? Why does she have two of them?? Next please…”)

    • well who the hell asks a woman what she weighs and expects to get an accurate response? 😉

      uh, the opposite rule for measurement standards applies for kickstands ……… you poor men, can’t get your friggin’ numbers right

      • LOL … so it’s bad form to ask what someone weighs (Not that anyone would ask that, but isn’t it somewhere in a profile?) but there’s no problem with kickstand measurements?!

        Careful where you go with those measurements, you might be impressed with a European only to discover the metric system brings 2.54x the disappointment!

        • they don’t ask weight, they just give you lame categories in which you plop yourself into ‘athletic and toned’, ‘about average’, ‘curvy’, ‘full figured’, ‘a little extra weight’ and inevitably most women plop themselves into ‘athletic and toned’ although they aren’t …….. I’m a bit too honest for my own good though …… only because I would not consider myself ‘toned’, i plop myself into the average one ’cause I don’t believe in false advertising and i’d rather the guy be happily surprised instead of pulling out a fat caliper and disproving your chosen category 😉

  3. Oh yes, 5’8″ = 5’6 (maybe); for women’s weight and men’s income, deduct a minimum of 25%; separated = she’s in the other room of the house you still in together; no photo = married; love to hike = I don’t participate in other sports/activities, but everybody walks outdoors, right? Ahhh… the tips and tricks one picks up along the way.

    • Hey!

      I’m separated…and offering tours of the spare rooms to anyone who wants proof!! (Although she was there for 2 months, so there MIGHT be some truth in that part sometimes.)

      Do you think that no photo really means married? What percentage of men/women have photos on dating sites? If I get on to a dating site one day, I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel with someone in my local area seeing all my info, interests, etc. Can’t you save the photo until the first contact??

      • you’re right SD, not all guys without photos are married. some are just hideous. 🙂 there are only a couple of sites that allow you to ‘hide’ your pic until contact is made, however, you will not get any attention from the ladies without a pic. and anyone that will sees your photo/info on a dating site, is also on said dating site, so no biggie ……

  4. jgavinallan Says:

    Friend: I’m sorry—I’d need heels for him..lol

  5. Victoria Says:

    Haha! As if being 5’8 was the ONLY thing keeping you from wanting to date him. I removed my profile from there like 2-3 weeks ago. I have never been so happy to have no dates. I never felt so poorly about the human race as I did when I would open my inbox only to be met with novel-length 1st messages, strange assumptions that because I’m very evidently laid-back it somehow meant I have no standards, and repeated messages from the people I didn’t respond to wondering why I didn’t respond to them. Good times.

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