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As The World Turns June 22, 2011

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When last I left you, I was fairly pissed off at the world.  Because of that dickwad W.  And his awesome lack of communication.  And his failure to call me back as requested.  And his awesome ability to ignore my text message from this morning.  Uh……. I guess I forgot to tell you that in my desire to not do anything half assed, I went the extra lame step of texting W this morning apologizing (yes, I know *hanging head in shame*) for my bitchy message, telling him I was pissed because my week has sucked (mainly thanks to him) and I wasn’t happy when I saw that he was about to cancel on me (AGAIN!) and that I hoped his foot surgery went well.   Dumb fucker.  Anyway, in order to ‘teach him a lesson’ as I assumed we were done, I logged onto ALL of my dating websites (well not POF for god’s sake, I don’t know that I’ll ever be that  desperate) and sent out some winks, and nudges and whatevers.  I certainly didn’t put any effort into writing an actual message to any of these guys, but I did my part. 😉  And got two responses.  Which I have yet to read, so stay tuned.

Anyway, as I was pretty much worthless to society today (and actually managed to get myself written up at my 2nd job for royally screwing up since my head was shoved so far up my ass that I couldn’t concentrate) I opted to come home.  And watch some tennis and pretty much just feel sorry for myself and go back to bed.  Every time my text notification or e-mail would chime in, I would *hope* that it was W, but knew that it wouldn’t be.  As he had absolutely made his intentions clear and I was making myself nauseous with my self-pity, I head back out to work job #2 for the afternoon.  While at my 1st destination, I get a text asking ‘I just got my phone back (he had left it in a friend’s car last night), should I listen to your message?’ From W.   So anyway, I respond with a ‘probably not’.  And he calls me.  Yes, you read that right, he actually dialed digits into his phone and spoke into the text box.  Who knew it was multi purpose?  Anyway, he did have foot surgery today and must have been on major pain meds as he was happy as a clam.  Chatty and fun and funny as he was two weeks ago and acting as if absolutely nothing was wrong.  Er …. I, meanwhile am pretty much standing there with my mouth hanging open (however I must admit to having a retardedly HUGE grin on my face while said mouth was hanging open – what a pretty sight).  He explained away the foot thing and the pool party thing and asked if his dinner invitation was still open or ‘if I had filled it with another one of my dates’.  I told him as it was such short notice, I didn’t have time to fill his slot with one of my backup guys.  Yeah, so he’s coming over for dinner (if he doesn’t cancel in the next hour).  I am absolutely certain that he did listen to my message last night, but on the off chance that he didn’t, he is going to be in for a rude awakening.  Although he may act like nothing is wrong, there IS something wrong.  I will get my answers to why he’s been such a dickwad lately.  Why so aloof.  Why so shitty (okay, I may phrase it nicer than that).  I just want answers.  And I’ll get them.  I will be nice and polite and a charming hostess, but I will find out what I need to.

Whether his answers will be good enough remains to be seen.  Whether we will see each other again past tonight remains to be seen as well.  Either way though, I will get either some piece of mind or closure. 

I swear people, I couldn’t make 1/2 the shit that goes on in my daily life up.  I’m not that good.  It’s absolutely exhausting being me 😉

Stay tuned …………….as I have some ‘grilling’ to do …….. and I don’t mean on the b-b-q


7 Responses to “As The World Turns”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    Truth is stranger than fiction cause fiction has to make sense..I invite you to read a story I am writing—it may be a good diversion. The title is The beginning of her end.


  2. everevie Says:

    I’m not sure I can sleep tonight…wondering what’s going on at your dinner…and what the hell goes on in men’s minds…even Matthew said he thought it was clearly over.


    I quit…I’m done…why bother trying? I’ll never get it right. I mean, I’m happy at this turn of events…but pissed that you were dicked around for a week!!!

    • all went well Evie. still have a lot to process and he’s certainly not off the hook yet, but he is dealing with a lot of stuff from the (soon to be) ex (i guess they had a pretty bad relationship so honestly didn’t realize the shit he was doing wasn’t acceptable), he apologized up and down and was shocked to hear my interpretation of things and felt really bad …….. eh, we’ll see i guess …..

  3. […] in the midst of being flabbergasted by what is going on with Grey and Webster…I mean, what the hell? I’m so glad that he manned up and called her…and that […]

  4. OMG – now that was a post I hadn’t expected to read any time soon!!!

    From your reply to Evie I can tell that you’ve already met him, so no point coming with a lot of encouraging words now. I just hope you have the time to write about your evening real soon, cause I’m not sure I’ll be able to focus on work as long as I don’t know what happened between you 😉

  5. Matthew Says:

    Wow….even I’m exhausted but glad the air has (somewhat) been cleared.

    Hopefully things take the better turn for here-on-out.

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