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Vegas Baby! June 24, 2011

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So I get an e mail today from one of my all time favorite people informing me that they are headed to Vegas in 3 weeks for some mind numbingly boring convention.  Yeah, that means nothing to me.  What does mean something to me is that Vegas is a scant 1 hour (and damn expensive for only 1 hour) plane ride away!  I am quite certain that I will be able to recoup the airfare funds in free cocktails.  Hell, who am I kidding?  I will absolutely come out ahead on this one!

Too bad the hotel that the convention is at is sold out (boo).  Luckily I am a whiz at finding great hotel deals and am also able to google ‘map of vegas strip’ in order to see what hotels are where along the city of angels (and whores and pimps, but that’s not quite as poetic).  So off to Vegas we’re going!  Who has invited me along on a weekend where they will be chained to a desk with a legal pad and pencil from 7-5 each day and I will be chained to a lounge chair hopefully surrounded by scantily clad hotties and a big fat cocktail?  Nope, not him.  Or any of these guys.  Or even him.  It’s HER!!

I can’t wait!  That damn city is never going to be the same!  Oooooh, maybe I should let vacation fling know we’re coming and make it a really really great weekend?!?!?

I’ll post more later, but for now I must get ready for a date that I absolutely would rather be passing up on to take a nap than going on.  Sort of like preparing for a job interview for a position you don’t even want.  Yup, a big waste of time.  What a lucky guy. 😉


4 Responses to “Vegas Baby!”

  1. stevesw Says:

    Thought you may find interesting the link that just popped up on my blog – “country sex possition chart” – maybe the Googler is going to Vegas and hopes to meet Garth Brooks after a show? 😉

    • are there different positions for genres of music? who knew ……. at any rate, your googler sounds awfully limber ……. i’ll keep my eyes peeled for a slutty contortionist in a cowboy hat sauntering down the strip 😉

  2. stevesw Says:

    how will you know which one…there are a lot of slutty contortionists…oh the cowboy hat! only when the PBA is not in town.

  3. jgavinallan Says:

    He is a lucky guy…your attitude will enslave him…that’s how they are.

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