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Uh, Thanks? June 26, 2011

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So in addition to getting a message from some chick on Chemistry (yes, that’s right ~ a girl) that I am unable to read due to the fact that you have to ‘like’ the person back and I refuse to do that just so I can see what potentially creepy/flipper thing she has written me, I got this message this morning.  From some guy who’s profile I haven’t even bothered to look at ’cause he looks pretty young and apparently thinks what he wrote was a nice compliment (instead of a backhanded one, like it really is)

Hey how’s it going, how is your weekend? Mines good, just been trying to hide from the sun this weekend, I had to work out in this crappy weather all last week. So I have to admit for your age you are pretty damn beautiful and sexy! Plus from reading your profile you seem like a really fun person to be around and a good personality. So how’s your luck on here, mines ok but I guess I’m just too picky at times. I guess you have to be when you know what your looking for. Are you up for chatting, if so be sure to check out my profile! If you like what you see, then send me back a message!
Yeah, I think I’ll skip on that…..
Additionally, I woke up and tried to piece together last night by going through all my text messages.  Uh, not good.  You’ll all be glad to know that I have totally outgrown drunk dialing, however I seem to be a big ole’ fan of drunk texting.  In addition to texting with vacation fling and 2 other friends, I apparently texted with Mr Conservative and sent a nasty as shit text to Webster.  Good times, people.  Good times.


4 Responses to “Uh, Thanks?”

  1. Surrey gal Says:

    You really have to “like” a person to read a message from them?? What a silly idea is that!
    I haven’t sent a drunk text in a while… looks like you are making up for both of us 🙂

  2. everevie Says:

    Umm…I think I might have been a weeeensy bit drunk that night too. (Pretty sure I texted a good friend about falling down the stairs in front of a bunch of hot guys at the bar…pretty sure that friend laughed at me via text). 😉

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