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Well It Certainly Can’t Be My Brains That They’re After June 29, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 5:34 pm

I’m not quite sure that I have met anyone less technologically savvy than myself.  Want to know what I’ve just spent the last 4 hours doing?  No, not hooking up my new TV as I had my ex come over last week to do that ’cause I couldn’t figure it out (yeah, I know – power cord, dvd player, cable – not too tough …… for you maybe).  While I can bake just about anything, cook a dinner for 200, follow just about any algorithm, decipher logic puzzles in no time flat and many other things that a fairly intelligent and college educated woman can do, it just took me 4 (FOUR) hours to figure out how to get my music playlist off of my computer and onto my new $21 MP3 player.  Really?

Damn if I don’t need a 5th grader around to help me out with these things. 😉


10 Responses to “Well It Certainly Can’t Be My Brains That They’re After”

  1. everevie Says:

    Are they not after your “Brians” or your “Brains”?? How many Brians you got over there. 😉

    I wanted an iPod forever…and now it just sits in my purse b/c I’ve never really been able to figure it out. LOL.

    • just further proves my point Evie as I didn’t even catch that (but now that I have, no one is going to have any idea what the hell you’re talking about in your comment 😉 )

      i hate my ipod ……. i bought a cheapie MP3 player about a year ago that was awesome, but it sadly passed away, so I bought another cheapie one …… makes it even sadder that I couldn’t remember how to get my friggin’ music onto it, huh?

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    Join the club

  3. Get an I-phone. It does it all. There is even a vibrator app.

  4. Matthew Says:

    I know what Evie was talking about…because the e-mail notification I received still says ‘Brians’.

    Bwa hahahahaha.

  5. Surrey gal Says:

    ha ha ha!!! You need a tech savvy man to help you out and this will make him feel so good about himself 🙂 Aim for a bit more than a fifth grader (how old is that in the US? here it’s 10).

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Hell SG, i’d be happy with a non tech savvy man. As long as he knows how to ride a bike like a pro 😉

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