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OMG, I Think I Need A Bath …….. June 30, 2011

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Well gee, as perfect comic timing as a follow-up to my previous post, I just received this lovely little piece of romance from some idiot on Chemistry:

I’m looking for a very hott and sexy fuyck buddy, who’s wild and playful, adventurious and naughty, who’s down to have fun, go out once in a while or not! Me, I’m tall 6’4″, hazel green eyes, dark hair, and very fit, well all you hott n naughty ladies I’m waiting…,

I’m so damn lucky, I can’t even see straight.  Now about that bath …….. does anyone have some bleach I could use? Ick


13 Responses to “OMG, I Think I Need A Bath ……..”

  1. Emilie Says:

    OMG…. dose any of these pervs know how to talk to a woman… mmm guess not… has for that bleach, well I don’t have any however, I do have dytal and a bottle of Vodka 😉

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    First: If he looked like that he’d be too occupied to be online…hint!
    Second:You are too much of a person wonderful truthful person to let it bother you

  3. A Silkwood shower is in order.

  4. The T Says:


    I must admit, nothing on this Earth pisses me off like a guy who walks up to a girl who is out having a good time, and says “do you want to go fuck”? I mean when did this approach ever work for a guy and if it did work, would you REALLY want to take home that girl who said yes??? Argh… I can’t apologize for some of the male population enough…

    amazing that the neaderthal still exists….


    • Thanks Thomas. I think a guy actually said this to me in a bar once when I was in my 20s. I’d like to say I didn’t go, but come to think of it, I remember him being hot as hell, so I can’t be so sure. 😉

      It is funny that guys are silly enough to think that this approach is a good one………… and i was kidding about going home with the hottie ……. although i did consider it……………. for about a millisecond

  5. everevie Says:

    Weird…I met a guy at the party I went to on Saturday that had no problem cornering me every chance he got to ask me things so perverted I will NOT repeat them here. And…b/c I am me…I pretended like I thought he was being a comedian and would just LOL, punch him on the shoulder, and walk away. I guess I coulda kicked him in the cajones.

    P.S. No, his charms did not work on me. 🙂

  6. Surrey gal Says:

    I never thought they really exist , people like that…

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