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Would You Like Some Popcorn? June 30, 2011

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So as I managed to finish up job #2 in record time this week and didn’t, in fact, pick up a last minute job for the holiday weekend, I find myself with the next 4.5 days off and not one thing to do.  Most of my friends are out of town for the long weekend and left this morning.  I have no potential dates on the back burner.  Boo.  As I had no clue that I would be work free by Thursday, I made no plans.  I guess I could just get in my car and drive North 😉 but that’s just not me.  I could go to CA for the weekend, up to the mountains (where it’s nice and cool vs. 113) or any other multitude of options.  Of course, instead of actually making any plans when I found myself finished with work by 9am today (started at 4 – jealous anyone?), I headed to the pool. 🙂 Darker colors are more flattering right?  I figure that holds true to skin color as well and as I hope that someone, someday may actually want to see my skin, I opted to get it all tanned up. 

Now while there are many many things in life that are better with an audience (sporting events, comedy shows, strip clubs, etc……..), some really aren’t considered a spectator event.   Tanning being one of them.   So I’m at the pool, minding my own business when I look up and see a truck parked right outside the gate facing me.  With the motor running.  And a guy behind the wheel.  Watching.  Uhm, ewwwww.  I realize that the sight of me in a bikini is astonishing and all but really dude?  How lonely are you?  He just sat there, staring in my direction (and unless he was looking at the shrub I was laying in front of, there was nothin’ else to look at) for a good 10 minutes.  Kinda sorta really friggin’ creepy.  Of course I could have just gotten up and left, but damn if I’m going to lose precious tanning time due to a perv.  I shoulda just flashed him and been done with it. 😉

Crap, well what to do for the next couple of days (i have an actual bbq to go to ON the 4th, but until then……….)


7 Responses to “Would You Like Some Popcorn?”

  1. everevie Says:

    I’m just wondering if you could see what his hands were up to….eww.

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    OMG! You are brave—I would have went home and hid under the bed

  3. The T Says:

    you could always come to the caribbean and cook and clean for this amazing bastard-like beast who is an amazing sailor who will drink rum with you and find room on the bbq to grill some steak then he’d push you on the catamaran and sail somewhere like puerto rico for dancing, dining, and amazing fun…. I’m spending my weekend partly in St John due to carnival and the other portion in puerto rico… you’re welcome to come be bored if you think you can handle that kinda boredom….


    • Well Thomas, thank you for the lovely invitation to come cook and clean for you. Although I would like nothing more, I do believe a last minute ticket to St. John would be a bit out of my budget 😦

      Would the same invite have been extended had I said I was wearing a one piece? 😉

      (and I’m a vodka drinker, not rum) 😉

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