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Need Help With That Math Problem? July 1, 2011

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So we all know there are some stellar (and by stellar, I mean totally f*cked up) screen names that you see on dating sites.  BigTool4U, BigWillie, DoMe,MakeUScrm and other charming monikers.  For those less creative types though, you see a lot of Bob1968, or Tom1972.  Hell, my last boyfriend was so uncreative that he did the same thing.  His name and the year he was born.  I get it, not everyone has the creativity gene, nothing wrong with that.  I’d much rather meet a Sebastian1969, than a HotNJuicy any day of the week. 

Anyway, I got a message this morning.  From a guy who has messaged me no less than 5 times already.  And who I’m fairly certain I have turned down (nicely of course), only to have him contact me again.  Pretty sure I’ve just ignored his last few messages to me.  So strange that I can’t figure out if he doesn’t remember that he’s contacted me in the past or that he’s just kind of stupid that way.  Each and every message to me makes mention of The Onion.  One of my favorite online snarky ‘newspapers’, which my profile makes mention of.  Anyway, that’s not the point.  The point is this.  His screen name is LngLgs1956, yet he claims to be 45 years old.  Now call me crazy, but unless 1956 holds some other sort of significance for him, wouldn’t that make him 55?  He certainly doesn’t look 45 and certainly does look 55, but apparently in addition to someone who enjoys sarcastic humor via a fake news medium, he’s looking for someone with absolutely no math skills.

That ain’t me 😉


9 Responses to “Need Help With That Math Problem?”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    I agree…I mean…if you can not add…there is no future

  2. everevie Says:

    Maybe he’s lying.


    I love being obvious.

  3. Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

    Whaaat?? You mean there are dishonest male online daters? Who knew?

  4. If I were you, I’d *have* to ask if he made a typo. 54 instead of 45 would be accurate until he has his birthday this year, for example.

    The thing is, and this coincidentally happens to relate to a Surrey Gal post today, I review a lot of Resumes (CVs) and I am *constantly* amazed by the mistakes they contain. I’m just not just talking about the jarring use of mixed active and passive verbs in lists of projects or accomplishments…tish!….that’s trivial stuff. Major spelling errors of software products with which they claim to be an “Expert” or different spellings of their OWN name. Sometimes it’s a 2-month contract somewhere and a page-long list of “accomplishments” and I mean major ones like mastering of cold fusion or 6-line solutions to Fermat’s Last Theorem. Someone might prepare a profile in isolation but doesn’t make sense to get other people to check your Resume before you post it in expectation of a job??

    • Well I won’t be asking him anything SD. And although a very good (and verbose) 😉 defense of just being a typo, you don’t just enter your age on these sites. You enter your birthyear and it calculates your age. So he obviously *typoed* his birthyear on the stats page yet was accurate in his screen name…..

  5. Emilie Says:

    if he was born in 1956 that would make him 55 not 45 then he is obviously a big lie or major typo. But the only thing that I know that happened in 1956 was the Suez Canal War (which I doubt that’s what he meant)

  6. stevesw Says:

    He could be a dancer and is ref Daddy Long Legs 1956. Or he could be a spider and 1956 is the number of little ones he has fathered this year.

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