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This Post Is Just For Me July 2, 2011

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I don’t believe in astrology.  Well, not a lot.  By and large, I think it’s funny to read my horroscope at the end of any given day and see if/how it pertained to anything that happened.  I can usually ‘twist’ the underlying meaning of each of them to somehow relate to the craptastic world of online dating.  It’s funny.  It entertains me.  Sometimes though, the horrorscopes are scarily accurate in reflecting what truly  is going on that day.  And that makes me wonder, is there any validity to what the stars have to say?

A while back I found a definition of ‘Leo’ that is right smack on target with me.  There is nothing in the description that doesn’t ‘fit’.  Could it fit for a variety of signs?  Probably, but I only know about me.  Change the word ‘lover’ to ‘boy I really like’ and I give you my stupid roller coaster of June:

When your Venus is in Leo, you can be “stuck” in the first stage of romance, when passions run high and you can’t seem to get each other out of your minds. You never want this stage to end! When you are in love, the relationship consumes you. You radiate the love that you receive from your partner, and reverberate with the energy of love. You are ardent and affectionate with your partner. The adoration you give may not be (and probably won’t be) matched, and this is when you falter. Truth is, your lover may have a different style of expressing his/her love. It may be just as ardent as your love, but you tend to equate adoring expressions of love with love itself.

You tend to hold on to love, sometimes longer than you perhaps should, and you may work hard on forcing your lover into the script you have unconsciously written for him or her! When you are happy with your lover (which often coincides with your perception that your lover is right there with you in an emotional sense), you are generous to a fault, with little thought of the future. You take the ups and downs of your romantic relationships to heart, more so than most people, simply because you invest so much of your ego and identity into love! Your warmth is extremely dependent upon the amount of attention and affection you receive. Although you may begin relationships with considerable ardency, if you are not showered with attention and made to feel special over the course of time, you will surely lose passion for the relationship. Your need for appreciation from your lover is paramount, yet all too often you come on strong in love and your partner misinterprets your ardor as brazen confidence. This can be a vicious circle, because what your lover may not know is that, in fact, you are not as sure of yourself as you seem, and his or her reassurances are vital! It is easy for you to jump into relationships without too much thought. However, your expectations are high, and your partner needs to understand that for a relationship with you to survive over the long haul, it needs to be stoked constantly. You will hang on to a relationship longer than most, but your expectations are so high that disappointment is almost inevitable. More than most signs, you would benefit from waiting to marry when you are older and more sure of yourself. When you’re happy in your relationship, your warmth and eagerness are admirable!

And just to make me wonder further about this whole Astrology thing, I always save ‘pertinent’ horrorscopes and these were the ones I saved from last month.  And they are from days that extra ‘special’ (and by special, I mean shitty) drama happened.  Yes, most likely that I created myself, but still.  And for those of you paying extra close attention, you’ll notice that the dates go past when I stopped blogging about a certain someone, yet we have been speaking/e-mailing, the cycle repeated itself again, and now I am done.  For real this time ………. really.  No.  REALLY.


Leo May 28 2011 Those who know you know how often and how loudly you can roar. You are inclined to roar when you’re happy, when you’re angry, or when you just want to let off some steam. But today you may choose to purr like a pussycat instead – despite your somewhat intimidating reputation. Someone or something has you very pleased. This might be a new love interest or it could also be a situation that is clearly turning out in your favor – and if you’re a really lucky lion it might even be both. Don’t hesitate to purr, Leo – no one will ever mistake you for a pushover.


Leo Jun 26 2011
Has the “cynical” bug bitten you, Leo? Does it seem that your normally sunny disposition has crawled into a cold, dark cave? You may be feeling melancholic now, as though no light will ever again find you in the dark spot where you’re now hiding. But this might just be a case of self pity that is easily remedied. If you are feeling sorry for yourself because things haven’t turned out as you planned with a dream, then you must first acknowledge to yourself that it is NOT too late to achieve what you want. But you do have to continue wanting it, and you do have to crawl back out of that cave to get it.


Leo Jun 28 2011 You may be overly concerned about how something looks now, Leo, instead of being tuned in to its substance. That’s not to say that you are a superficial person – you are anything but. However, you may be so worried about how something looks that you will fail to see the true value of it. Your concern is probably stemming from your desire to protect someone you love by guarding that person’s image, which is admirable, but there are more important issues. Don’t allow yourself to be backed into a corner by being overly focused on appearances


Leo Jun 30 2011 You would go to the ends of the earth for… you can fill in the blank here, Leo. That is, if there is something you would go to the ends of the earth for. Have you lost your passion? Have you lost your ambition? Where are your dreams, for that matter? You may be suffering a setback of sorts. You may have lost some of your drive, your chutzpah, and your gregariousness. It may be because of a recent disappointment, or possibly because you have allowed yourself to sit still for too long for various reasons. The solution is to get up and just start moving again – inspire yourself as you inspire others


Leo Jul 2 2011 You may now be involved in a negotiation with someone. The other person wants to do less than you want them to do, while that person wants you to want less than you do. You are probably going around in circles with your various expectations and demands. But life would be a whole lot simpler if you would just spell out what each of you wants, and then make a list of your deal-breakers. Once you see where the true boundaries lie, you may both have a change of heart – and you can get down to the bottom line.


Kinda makes me wonder ……………….


9 Responses to “This Post Is Just For Me”

  1. Surrey gal Says:

    Yes, sounds like me too 🙂
    Stop going in circles, either do what July 2nd tells you or just be done with it really. Whatever you feel would be best…

  2. I’m doing my best to stop going in circles and be done SG, it’s just easier said than done sometimes. And obviously I’m having a difficult time deciding ‘what would be best’ 😉

    • Surrey gal Says:

      I know, I know, it’s always easier said than done…
      If I were you, if I didn’t care A LOT and very much so, I would just ignore and not look back, try to forget the sooner the better. Cut all ties otherwise it’s difficult to forget.
      If I cared a lot I would talk. Honestly and openly and wouldn’t take any bullshitting. I’d say I need to know, I’m not going to get upset but I need to understand.

  3. jgavinallan Says:

    Friend—I don’t believe in horoscopes or signs…and you should know what my family believes in? How about evil spirits occupying tigers?
    Trust in yourself…ok?

  4. Matthew Says:

    I do the same thing (roughly) every year on my birthday. I think I have every horoscope from my birthday since 2004.

    It’s actually the only time I purchase a newspaper.

    So, in all of your horoscope research what do you know about Aquarius and Scorpio? 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I save all my magazine horoscopes for my birthday 🙂

      Sorry doll, I only obsess about my own sign, however ’cause I like you, i’ll plug those signs into my little phone app and send you the results 🙂

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