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Oh No ….. July 4, 2011

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Damn, I used to be so detail oriented.  I think I need to remove my head from my ass when looking at guys’ profiles online lately though.  We all know that date with Mr Cowboy tomorrow (Tuesday) consists of drinks with a man who is actually not actually divorced and quite possibly looking for a good time.  Nice.  So obviously I opted out of actually reading the ‘marital status’ and the ‘what you’re looking for’ parts on his profile until it was too late.  Eh, as he has a decent smile, I am perfectly capable of fending for myself and he invited me for drinks, I’m going anyway. 

Mr Political, however, I am kicking myself over.  I’ve been at this too friggin’ long to not see red flags when there are only head shots of a guy.  AND head shots that display some pretty jacked up teeth!  Damn it!  How on earth did I let that pass me by? Want to know what’s even more amazing?  In the ‘body type’ section where they lie  choose either athletic or average or a little extra somethin’ somethin’ he left it blank.  BLANK!  I didn’t even know you could do that!  He had invited me out for drinks on Thursday, and as it’s a good distraction and I will still love alcohol 2 days from now, I’m going.  I’m also trying to prove to myself that I’m not the superficial bitch that we all know I really am (but remember, I like quirky and not classically handsome, so I should earn some bonus points there, right?  whatever).

I’ll stilll go.  I’ll still try to enjoy myself.  The only difference is that now instead of being somewhat optimistic about either of these guys, unless either of them blows me out of the water (which I highly doubt), it will just be viewed as something to do (I know, I suck).  They had better be able to hold up their end of a conversation though or i’m gonna be pissed! 😉


One Response to “Oh No …..”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    Life is a gamble…just use some loaded dice…

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