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More Search Terms July 5, 2011

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As I’m giving myself (and all of you) a break from bitching about my less than stellar dates, I have opted to post another round of ‘how did you find my blog’. 🙂 Yey.  While there are none that amazingly shocking (unlike the ‘fucking granny’ one from last month), some are still a bit entertaining.  So here ya’ go (complete with my stupid responses)

Shit ~ well that’s sorta rude that wordpress thinks my blog is shit, but whatever
he text me an hour after date ~ no need to rub it in
alpha male terms of endearment ~ haha, what the hell would those be?  Get me a beer?  You give great head, now get back down there?
cute single 45 lady surrey ~ uhm, not sure, but maybe they’re looking for one of Surrey Gal’s older friends?
internet datings not working for me ~ yeah, tell me about it
what is internet dating like ~ refer to search term at top of page
dating wordpress ~ why would you want to date a blog site?
david single 43 ~ nice to meet you David
need to pee dirty ~ uhm, I am rarely rendered speechless, however ………
dating a pompous man ~ lucky you (not so much)
drunk staycation ~ do we know each other?
lets meet for a drink anytime ~ again, do we know each other?
why is internet dating so horrible ~ duh, because it’s internet dating
bored unless dating ~ yikes, someone needs a hobby
ms-cleo ass ~ I may read her horrorscopes, but have never once been interested in her backside
where to vacation alone ~ anywhere baby!
single man boring weekends ~ I’m sorry to hear that
lesbian hour in heaven dirty ~ erm, not quite sure why this particular string of words would lead someone to my blog, but I guess I should apologize as I’m quite certain I’m not what you were looking for
guy replied to my msg on dating dating site and asked me questions then never replied back why? ~ uh, because he’s a guy


fucking chat rooms ~ uhm, do you think they’re expressing their dislike for chat rooms or looking for dirty ones?
why send a text to me making out its for another woman ~ because he’s a douchebag?
why does he only text before he goes to bed ~ hey, at least he’s texting at all
single at 43 and no sex ~ yeah, well aware, no need to keep reminding me
why virgin man fumble ~ uhm, ‘cause he’s a virgin?
why does he text me every single day? ~ are you retarded?  He likes you ….
he said if he was single he would find me ~ hahahaha, let me know how that works out for you!

17 Responses to “More Search Terms”

  1. Emilie Says:

    OMG, can’t stop laughing…. love the sarcastic response to your blog search terms :). My favorite one has to be the one on “dating wordpress” and I agree with you, who in there right minds want to date a blog…

  2. Matthew Says:

    OMG, you have no idea how much I needed something just like this to cheer me up today. *and you know it’s a big deal because I don’t use OMG* Seriously somewhat theraputic.

    I may have to do one of these posts sooner than later. I know looking I’ve had some interesting ones, but yours are really the cream-of-the-crop.

    • I’m sorry you’re feeling blue today Matthew, but glad that I could cheer you up for a bit! 🙂 Not to worry either, I won’t tell a soul that you used valley-girl text-speak 🙂

  3. everevie Says:

    LOL!! Awesome. Lesbian hour? Is that like homosexual happy hour?

  4. stevesw Says:

    Another humorous take on the sad side of Google, thanks.

  5. Hmm… How many people actually pas by your blog? I tried looking at my own stats and there’s only 1-2 search terms every second week. Maybe I need to spice up the vocabulary I use…

  6. Surrey gal Says:

    I’m not 45 but I’m cute in surrey, so if you get their IP address try to track them down and send them my email 🙂

  7. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    Wow – a couple of those are really kind of disturbing! Isn’t it crazy what people are searching?

  8. Victoria Says:

    I actually know Miss Cleo. LOL “Know” as in, we both recognize each other on the street and stop for a chat. She’s a really cool woman. Her psychic abilities are debatable, but I like her. Whoever was interested in her ass should be aware that she is happily partnered with a lovely woman.

  9. […] by a fellow blogger (again), I have (again) checked out the recent search terms that landed someone on my blog. Here […]

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