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Odd Topics of Conversation July 6, 2011

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So last night was my date with The Cowboy.  The guy from OkStupid who wasn’t ‘technically’ divorced yet and was looking for someone to have ‘fun’ with.  Lovely.  He was actually much cuter in person that in his pics.  Nice surprise.  We met at a wine bar in town by where he works (I’m kinda nice like that in that I’ll drive to whatever bar is convenient to them – hell, what do i care? a bars a bar, right?).  So we meet up and grab a seat at the bar.  He’s drinking beer, me wine.  I know!  It was a friggin wine bar!  No namesake cocktails for me.  That’s okay, I can class is up every now and again.

He was actually a really nice guy.  With a pervy streak.  We had a lot to talk about, however the conversation got a bit ‘off topic’ for a 1st date/meeting/whatever.  And I’m not sure if it was my doing or not.  Yikes!  I know I asked him what ‘fun’ meant in his profile, but pretty sure his response was fairly tame.  He has been married twice.  The 1st wife cheated on him and the 2nd wife stopped wanting to have sex with him about a year before he left.  Uhm ……….. We were then talking about funny/bad/craptastic/horrifying dates that we’ve had online and I kept mine very tame and brought up hair smelling guy with fucked up teeth.  He brought up the last gal he dated for about 2 months.  And then told me about the time they went to a ‘swingers’ party.  Don’t ask me why as I would never participate, but that shit fascinates me, so I asked him about it.  Remember, my stupid ‘filter’ has been on the fritz for a while.  So he tells me all about it.  I mean ALL about it.  Hmmm, okay.  Then the topic of porn came up and then he asked me a hugely inappropriate question for a 1st date/meeting/ whatever.  Now I am far from a prude, however I do know what is and is not appropriate conversation to have with someone you’ve just met.  Yeah, I know, swingers conversation aside, that is …………

Yup, I answered his question, however it wasn’t the ‘right’ response.  Ha.  Dumbass, whatever.  Anyway, we ended up hanging out for over 3 hours just talking and although I do think he’s just looking for a ‘good time’ and I might actually be okay with that (look people, it’s not like guys are banging down my door at the moment).  Might be.  He asked me if I was looking for a long term relationship and I was completely honest with him in that yes, I absolutely am, however a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get some action. 😉  Okay, I didn’t say that, however I did say that although I was ultimately looking for ‘the one’, in the interim, I wouldn’t rule out just finding someone to hang out with, whose company I enjoyed and who I could have ‘fun’ with. 

Without getting graphic (’cause that just isn’t my style), I think he may be a hard core kinda player and I’m sort of just a coyly amateurish one.  What it comes down to is this.  I have been around the block a time or two.  Hell, I’m 43 for crying out loud.  I did like him, he was cute, he was interesting and fun to talk to.   He walked me to my car and kissed me (oh stop people, I kiss everyone remember) and ya’ know what?  He’s not that awesome a kisser.  And ya’ know what else?  I sure as shit compared him to the dictionary guy in that department.  Damn it.

No clue if I’ll hear from him again.  I’m fine either way.  He’s out of town for a week starting Friday, so I guess we’ll see.   Would I go out with him again if he asked?  Yup.  Will I lose one wink of sleep if I don’t hear from him?  Nope.  Would I actually ever consider sleeping with him?  No clue.  Does this make me sad that I would settle for ‘something to do’?  Yup.  Does it also make me sad that he got compared to Webster the whole night?  Hell yes it does.  Oh well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


edited to add: upon re-reading this before work today, I have sorta opted to decide that he was a douche and not sure that I would go out with him again and most likely would NOT offer to go for a bike ride with him 😉 that’s a little too skeevy for me …….. *hanging my head in shame for even considering it* ……… damn wine 😉


13 Responses to “Odd Topics of Conversation”

  1. Janet in Philly Says:

    Thanks for the edit, GG. I was getting a real “eewww” vibe when I read it earlier. My recent fave term for these guys is dickwad – and he sounds like one..

  2. Hmmm… I was kind of on the fence. It’s difficulty when you haven’t heard the exact conversation and who said and initiated what. I’ve been in situations where the conversation has heated up very quickly. But funnily enough, those are always the ones where things never become physical.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I do believe he mistook my interest in the swingers club as me being a whore. Not quitw accurate. And I certainly don’t broach sexual topics with guys I just met fom online, so although I probably should have just gotten up instead of playing along, the lewd questions were all him

  3. everevie Says:

    Wine…especially red wine….always makes me a little more open to frisky conversation. Lol.

    I don’t know…I’m on the fence about guys like this. Pervy? Maybe. But if you both know where the other is coming from…then fine, whatever. You decide what YOU wanna do…and go for it…or move on. But at least you aren’t second guessing what’s on his mind

    It’s the guys who pretend to be nice who piss me off. The ones who wanna take you on lovely dates, and talk about lovely things…so they can “trick” you into getting into their bed…all the while knowing they don’t mean anything they’re saying or doing past what it takes to get to their goal.

  4. jgavinallan Says:

    GG: If you don’t mind this reply is to everevie…
    I think we knew the same guy…

  5. Thank goodness he was at least a fun date that could have a conversation…as if that’s too much to ask!

    With or without the edit, I would say have fun with him..but not too much fun! Sounds like if you slept with him you might regret it. I say sleep on it…alone that it is..until you have a clearer idea. My guess is the fuzziness is from the the wine plus just where your mind is at these days…plus the the dictionary comparison?!?…Guy’s got a spell on you!

    • haha, no kidding; at least he could hold up his end of a conversation – how rare 😉 i don’t think I have much to ponder on this one, not sure that i’ll ever hear from him again

      and yeah, the dictionary comparison 😦 i suck

  6. Surrey gal Says:

    I read somewhere that if a guy talks about sex on a first date it’s never, ever a good sign and that he is a no taker. And talking about swingers party on first date? Ney.

    • It’s pretty much not a good sign. I kinda ‘get’ where he’s coming from in that he’s looking for a ‘casual’ yet highly physical relationship, but he really just made it sound like a series of one night stands. Not sure that’s for me …..

  7. stevesw Says:

    I agree, bringing up the topic of porn on a first date is not an accepted social norm. Also, glad you edited the post. Trash his contact info to avoid any mistake texting. Based on your description of him, I would not believe his side of the story concerning who was in the wrong for the two marriages.

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