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Head Injury? July 7, 2011

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Hahahaha.  I am laughing my ass off!  Stuck in the 80s guy DOES NOT remember who I am!  I sent back that I was hugely surprised to be hearing from him and he sends back ………. ready?

I have no excuse as to why I did not contact you sooner. I am very happy to hear you respond so quickly 🙂 currently I have a lot more time than I did previously and I would like to get to know you better if you would allow me to do so…

What. The. Fuck.  Dude tracks down my blog, rips me a new one and now however many months later has no clue who I am but obviously wants to get to know me better?  Hello?  You were reading my blog shithead.  You pretty much know me better than anyone else I’ve met off the internet.  How on earth can guys be so stupid?

And just because I like to live on the edge ….. please enjoy the original post and his stellar comment below it: I’m An Asshole


14 Responses to “Head Injury?”

  1. everevie Says:

    Hahahahahah!!!! I LOVE it. That right there is FUNNAAAAY!

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    Where do you find these guys? No—don’t tell me…I do not need to know

  3. Shades of Matter Says:

    You’re hilarious! I cant believe you contacted him again. You rightfully called it the first time…asshole.

  4. That has got to be one of the Top 10 internet dating stories EVER 😀

    I am so happy that I came across your blog. It has convinced me to NEVER try internet dating 😉

  5. Surrey gal Says:

    Geeez!!! I don’t know how they can be so stupid. I don’t get it. I”m quite forgetful but THAT????

  6. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    O. M. G. Wow. I cannot, repeat, CANNOT believe this tool does not remember you? Obviously has multiple personalities or something. Would have to! And he seriously googled his way to your blog? WHAT kind of person does that!? (Off to google my name now!)

  7. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    Phewf – googled and all good 😉

  8. […] The guy who ripped me a new one last year in comments (and still obviously has no idea why I’m not responding to him) […]

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