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Uh, WTH? July 7, 2011

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Okay so there was a douche guy from OkStupid last year that contacted me and was so inanely boring and stuck in the 80s that I had to post about him.  I made 2 mistakes however.  The first was using his ‘real’ screen-name when blogging about him (lesson learned – don’t ever do that).  The second being in not realizing what an apparently oddly narcissistic person he was as he had obviously googled his own screen name (who the hell does that) and landed on my blog!  And proceeded to bitch me out.  Good times.  Now this was a guy that I maybe exchanged 2 messages with.  Period.  No phone calls.  No exchanging of numbers.  No plans to meet.

I wasn’t sure if I was pissed or felt bad.  I would never intentionally hurt someone’s feelings, but then again, nothing I said was untrue and who the hell knew he would google search himself?!  As his ‘comment’ to the blog post about himself (sorry, I can’t post a link as heaven forbid he does it again and finds my re-named blog) was less than pleasant, I opted to be pissed.  Big surprise.  And that, my friends, I assumed was the end of that.

Until last night.  When he messaged me on OkStupid with ‘hey stranger, long time no talk; how’ve you been?’ …………. what the hell?!?  Of course I had to respond just to find out why the hell he had contacted me again.  Am I the last remaining woman on the website that he hasn’t actually met?  Has he decided that he was a total tool last time around?  Is he planning on bitching me out again?  Who knows.  But I will certainly let you know if/how he responds to my ‘wow; to say that I am surprised to hear from you would be a gross understatement’ ……….


11 Responses to “Uh, WTH?”

  1. everevie Says:

    Maybe he’s gone through so many women that he only remembered you guys had talked a bit…and NOT that you were the one making fun of him on the interwebz.


    I remember the post…and the guy’s comments. That was funny as hell…at least for the “reading audience”.

    • Darn, I missed all that fun! You’ll have to send me the old link!

      I’m with Evie. He’s basically ADD or a goldfish and has vague memories of the name, but forgotten how you interacted. His loss…

    • Glad I could entertain. He wrote me back, but I can only see the 1st few words of his message in the e-mail notification (that’s the way they get you to log in) and it does start ‘I can’t apologize enough’. So either he’s sorry (yet still a douche) or wants to try to sweet talk me into meeting him so he can knee cap me! 😉

  2. […] I am laughing my ass off!  Stuck in the 80s guy DOES NOT remember who I am!  I sent back that I was hugely surprised to be hearing from him and he […]

  3. jgavinallan Says:

    Internet dating can be tricky—and embarrassing…
    Please be careful, I want to be in your bridal party

  4. Surrey gal Says:

    Ok, got the background now. I’ll repeat what I had said: geez, I don’t know why they are so stupid!

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