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Date #4 of 4 July 8, 2011

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So tonight was date #1 with guy #4 (the guy who has the daughter with hurt feet).  The guy that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be attracted to, but opted to go anyway.  No, I have NO clue why I do shit like that.  All the time.  Anyway, I walk in and just know within the 1st few seconds that this isn’t going to be good and damn it, how do I get out of this?

So I sit down and yup, he does have wonky teeth.  And a very disconcerting birthmark.  Shit!  Where am I supposed to look when I talk to him?  Well apparently that wasn’t going to be an issue as he did ALL the talking.  About his kids.  And his ex.  And his hobbies.  And his kids.  And what he’s looking for.  And his kids.  And his ‘selling features’.  Oh, and did I mention that he talked about his kids? 

We ordered drinks.  I got a beer and he got a ……….wait for it ……… Amaretto Sour.  Huh.  He says since he has a sweet tooth he likes those, and again, wait for it ………. daiquiris and one more time, wait for it ………. sloe gin fizzes.  Holy hell, I haven’t heard of those drinks in decades!  Yeah, of course I had to make fun of him.  It’s what I do.

Okay, so as he’s selling himself to me I am picking up on all that he loves so that when he asks me about what I like, i can say the opposite! 🙂 He talks about camping.  I say I hate camping and am more of a hotel girl.  He then changes his tune to say he only goes camping for like one night a year.  Crap.  Then he talks about how he loves hiking.  So I say I can’t stand hiking.  And again he backtracks to ‘fit’ what I am saying.  Shit.  He says he loves talking about current events.  Bingo!  I say (totally painting myself as a retarded moron) that I don’t keep up on current events, hate talking about them and much prefer to talk about ridiculous things.  I mean really?  Could I sound any more lame?  I guess I could as he backpedaled again to stress that he’s a ‘wacky’ guy too.  And illustrates that fact by telling me about how he likes to fly paper airplanes in the office and go into people’s cubicles when they’re not there and turn everything upside down.  Hmmm, funny or just immature and annoying?  You be the judge.

Anyway, as he was exceptionally boring nice, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or lead him on (cause for some asinine reason, he seemed to really like me), I didn’t do my usual ‘okay thanks, it was nice meeting you’ and run out the door.  I was flat out honest with him.  Oh crap, I should have given you all fair warning; I hope no-one fell off their chair.  I straight up told him that although I think he’s a great guy, that we really don’t have much in common and that I don’t see us getting together again.  And you know what he did?  No, he didn’t throw a drink in my face (that maraschino cherry floating in his girly drink coulda put an eye out).  No, he didn’t call me a bitch and tell me to drop dead.   He thanked me for my honesty.  Wow.  He is a nice guy. 

Anyway, we got the check, i offered to pay for my drink (i felt it only right as I just basically dumped the guy) and he wouldn’t let me.  As I’m not totally nice and without an uber bitchy streak, as we were leaving I said I needed to go the restroom and gave him a hug and told him that it was nice meeting him and to drive safely.  And I went to the bathroom.  And then straight back to the bar to plop my tush down on a bar stool, order another beer and some wings and proceeded to text my evening to friends. 🙂 Damn those wings were good.

Oh, so here’s the lesson folks.  Maybe honesty is the best policy.  No not about saying you have to go the bathroom ’cause you want some wings, but letting a bad date know that it’s just not meant to be instead of just leaving it hanging ………..


16 Responses to “Date #4 of 4”

  1. mybrightspot Says:

    Damn. I thought it was about the wings.

  2. Love your attitude! I would have been really happy to have you as a friend!!

  3. jgavinallan Says:

    GG: Today is the first day of the rest of your life

  4. mysterycoach Says:


  5. Re: “Maybe honesty is the best policy. … letting a bad date know that it’s just not meant to be instead of just leaving it hanging ”

    I agree completely. Further, when a number of people on these blogs say that on dating sites, they ignore messages, I’ve wondered if it might be better to send a thanks-but-no-thanks just so the other person doesn’t wonder whether a follow-up is a good idea or bad idea. After meeting someone, maybe it’s more complicated thought — would everyone be ok with a thanks-but-no-thanks follow-up to a meeting?

    • uh, point of reference there SD. there will be no replying to ALL e-mails/messages online. the sheer fact that there is no response is a response in and of itself.

      telling him, to his face that i didn’t think we were a match was certainly uncomfortable and he should have been able to figure it out for himself by the awkwardness of it all, but i could tell he liked me when i didn’t like him.

      i would much rather be told that someone wasn’t interested after a seemingly good date (which this wasn’t), than be left to wonder. not everyone would agree…

  6. Victoria Says:

    I wonder why so many guys talk SO much about themselves. I haven’t been on any dates with women, so we may be just as bad, but I just seem to end up with guys who can’t shut up about themselves and their lives. I like to be ask questions or what my opinion is on a topic once in a while too. Anyway, I wish everyone were as honest as you were. You handled that well. I wanted wings SO bad yesterday. You’ve just reignited my craving, thanks! 🙂

    • whoopsie, sorry about the wings thing. i’m usually not a wings gal, but i knew the place we were at had good ones!

      no clue why guys or girls would ramble on incessantly about themselves without trying to include the other party in the conversation. in this instance though, i didn’t mind so much as it just saved me from making up shit to try and make him not like me. oh wait, that’s what i ended up doing anyway 😉

  7. Matthew Says:

    Brilliantly done. Too bad things didn’t go better otherwise, but many high regards for upfront with the guy.

    More people definitely need to get into the habit of doing that. When not really emotionally invested…honesty is really the best policy.

    • Thanks Matthew! It wasn’t the most comfortable of situations, but I’m glad I was honest and even more glad that he took it so well. Gave me a hug and wished me well in my search. Pretty sure not all guys would be as gracious.

  8. Shades of Matter Says:

    Since you are being angel-like today, I will be the meanie:) Is it just me or when a girl is not completely honest with a guy it is usually because she does not want to hurt his feelings. But when a guy does it (which seems is ALL the time) he is doing it because he is being an ass, a coward or both? Women generally tend to put a lot more thought into what they decide to do / not do. Men…not so much.

    As I was reading your description of what this guy looked like the only thing I could think of was…someone was actually attracted to him and even….well you know. ewwwww.

    • hell, he’s had more ‘relationships’ in the past 2 years than I have. well, zero isn’t hard to top, but whatever 😉

      i think it all depends on the person more than the sex of the person as to underlying motives for not being honest. i can’t say that i’m always 100% honest nor can I claim that when I’m dishonest that it’s done with good intentions, so i don’t really know …….

  9. It’s a hard job being popular, but someone’s got to do it 😉

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