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Stood Up July 11, 2011

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You know what’s worse than being stood up by a guy you’re interested in?  Being stood up by a guy that you’re not interested in.  I was supposed to meet my friend (and yes, former dear john e-mail writer) Paul for lunch today.  I raced through work this morning and just barely had enough time to get home, shower & change and get to the restaurant in time.  I mean I hauled ass.  So I got there even a bit early (i’m good under pressure) and it occurred to me that Paul hadn’t checked in with me today like he usually does when we’re meeting, so I text messaged him with a ‘we’re still on for lunch today, right?’.  To get a text in response, 15 minutes later exclaiming ‘OH NO!  I totally forgot’.  And then some follow-up text about how he’s helping a friend in court?  Uh, you’re not an attorney shithead, so what the hell?

Anyway, I didn’t respond as all I could think up to say was ‘fuck off’.  I thought that would be a bit rude.  Now, I ask you, how is it that I am so entirely forgettable that he is the one to make plans with me for today on Saturday.  Not 2 weeks ago, not even a full 2 days ago.  And he forgets.  I swear to god that this was not a good day to do this to me.  Well, not that any day is a good day to be forgotten, but really?

So I left the restaurant and went across to parking lot to pick up chinese for lunch.  No, not a chinese person, the food.  And brought it back home to eat with my dogs.  In my cute dress, with my nicely applied makeup.  Lovely.  Anyway, I still haven’t responded to him, nor has he responded back begging my forgiveness (i tend to hold grudges about shit like this as I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to meet a friend anywhere).

I was really hoping to be able to start pulling myself out of the dumps today (as my attempts over the weekend didn’t work so well) and Paul, for all of his totally oblivious ways, always manages to make me laugh (yes, usually at him, but whatever).  It’s looking like that’s not going to be happening today.

As I have absolutely nothing uplifting or entertaining to write, here are the fortunes I got in my fortune cookies (yes, plural – my dogs love them – i just love the fortunes)

fortune #1) Someone new is coming into your life to the benefit of you both ………………. yeah, whatever

fortune #2) You will find your solution where you least expect it within the week ……………. and this would be the solution to which of my current challenges?

Anyway, today just goes to support my claim that MONDAY”S SUCK!


8 Responses to “Stood Up”

  1. Our solution within the week will be found at the bottom of a vodka bottle in Vegas. Oh, wait, that can’t be correct… that’s where we most expect to find it. Hmmmmph… I’m stumped then.

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    okok…I am totally into this post…won’t say why…except…instead of a bottle of vodka…it is incredible amounts of oreo cookies and chocolate milk…what a hangover!

  3. everevie Says:

    I’m hungry…w/all this talk of chinese food and oreos.

    Anyhow…I got stood up yesterday too…by the Aussie. Not that I actually got dressed and went somewhere to wait on him…but we were supposed to have dinner last night. I didn’t make any other plans b/c of him…and it was my BIRTHDAY. So, even though I told everyone I chose to stay home…I lied. I just didn’t want to admit I’d been stood up…and that I was such a loser that no one else thought to ask me if I wanted to do something on my actual bday. (I guess the Friday HH absolved everyone.)

    • I was alone on my birthday too, Evie. I speant 7 hours non-stop on Facebook and ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. Happy Birthday to me…

      But to Grey, I think it’s just plain rude of your friend. And the fact that he doesn’t even try to apologize later is almost the worst part. But I hope you’re feeling better now (and that the idiot has said he’s sorry) 🙂

      • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

        He did apologize and offered to take me to dinner but I was still pissed so actually turned down free food 😉

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