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Then VS Now July 13, 2011

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Yup, sans pie charts, power point presentations or even a lame interpretative dance to drive home my point, internet dating seems to have changed over the years.  Or maybe it’s just that I have.  In an older, more bitter/cynical sorta way. 😉 I probably mentioned that I did the whole online thing once before (and no, I’m not referring to last year as that continues on).  I was 35 and decided to join Match.  Yup, just one singular dating site vs the 147 I seem to be on at the moment.  Just one.  Just for 3 months.  I can’t quite remember how many dates I went on, but I am quite positive it was nowhere near the craptastic number that I have accumulated since January of last year.  I really don’t remember going on all that many before I met the guy that was to be my future ex boyfriend. 😉 Although that relationship lasted 2 years (when it really should have ended a year sooner), I thought the whole internet thing was pretty damn cool.  Wow.  In less than 3 months I met an awesome guy.  Sweet and kind and okay fine, OCD beyond belief, but I didn’t really care back then (or notice).  We had great chemistry (at the start), got along well and had fun together.  For a while.  Then we both got complacent.  He just wanted to be with ‘someone’ (yey me) and I was afraid to let him go for (now realized) fear of not finding anyone else.  By and large I am a hugely independent person.  I don’t need to have a guy in my life.  I really do like it though!

Anyway, so when I was 35 I guess I was a hotter commodity than now, at 43.  Sure I have a few more grey hairs, but I can pull them off as highlights as I am blonde, after all.  I wonder if it’s really the age.  Or maybe my independence.  Or maybe my somewhat ‘big’ personality (whoever thought I was going to say ass is in big trouble).  Or maybe guys these days just don’t go for tall, leggy blondes. 😉 Who really knows.  All I do know is that the sheer fact that I’ve been on 71 (yup SEVENTY ONE) first dates in the past 19 months is retarded.  And ridiculous.  And really?  Really?  REALLY?  WTF people?!

Anyway, I found a new dating website.  I haven’t spent any time on it yet to see what it’s about, but it’s premise is pretty funny (and no Click, it is not dateaninmate.com).  It’s this one: http://www.toyboywarehouse.com/home  🙂


8 Responses to “Then VS Now”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    71? 71? You should…and I mean it…write a book.
    Also, I am beginning to understand your problems…my friend

  2. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    Hahah love it. You make me want to count how many first dates I have been on since I signed up. I do have a good feeling, though, that I have had more first dates this year than I have over the last ten years!

    dateaninmate? haha. I definitely have to check out the toyboy site you speak of. Hilarious!

    • See? That’s why I’m here. So whenever some other online dater gets down about how many dates they’ve been on without meeting a great guy, they can come over here and realize that they’re not doing so bad by comparison 😉

  3. Surrey gal Says:

    1. What’s OCD?
    2. I think we all make this mistake at least once in our lifetime, we are afraid of letting somebody go only because of fear, fear of not finding anybody else, or finding somebody much worse, or just fear of being alone…
    3. Toyboy wearhouse sounds like sugar daddy. And I’m sorry, but I have to say it because I like you and I kind of care about you. Don’t go there, it won’t give you anything good. Even if there are nice men (boys, shall I say?) there, I bet there will be plenty of those who will just want to use you and you are risking a lot of hurt feelings again… I may be wrong, but that doesn’t happen very often (haha).
    4. So far I seem to be following your path, I’m hoping I won’t go all the way to the point of 71 dates in 19 months because I will find a rich, handsome prince…. (that’s one of those moments where I MIGHT not be right) 🙂

    • OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder …… some people do repetitive acts, some people are fascinated by numbers and continually roll thru numbers in their head … he was an annoying combination of both ….. and had a charming way of making everything I said appear stupid and nonsensical ……

      I don’t think the toyboy thing is for me, but i do so appreciate your concern (and the fact that you care, that’s so sweet)

      I doubt very highly that you will follow my path to the end (damn, i hope it ends before i hit triple digits though). I think you go about this better than I do.

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