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Apparently I’ve Been Missed July 17, 2011

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No, not by any of you guys as I’m still amazed that anyone bothers to read my inane chatter, but by some ‘blasts from the past’ online.  And I don’t necessarily mean good ones.  In looking at the ‘who’s viewed you’ thingie on OkStupid (as I was uploading new Vegas pics that I made Click take of me) 😉  I saw this awesome list of dates/non-dates/blog posts gone by:

The guy imitating Jesus on the cross (I think)

The guy who ripped me a new one last year in comments (and still obviously has no idea why I’m not responding to him)

My all time world’s worst (lack of) judgement call from last year.  Yes, that’s right.  Apparently the inappropriate young guy is back online.

As well as a bevy of guys that have checked out my profile many times before, messaged me and I have not responded to.  Uh, thanks for checking back, I still have no intention of responding.

Apparently there were a lot of guys bored on Friday as that’s the date every single one of them looked at my profile (and thankfully didn’t opt to message me …………. yet) 😉


9 Responses to “Apparently I’ve Been Missed”

  1. Emilie Says:

    Well if it makes you feel any better; thes past 2 weeks I’ve been getting messages from a guy that I’ve went on a few dates last summer and wants to catch up with me at some point this week or next week.

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    You must be strong. I think…maybe you should take a month off from this internet..and just relax…try Asia…lol

  3. Surrey gal Says:

    I’ve always wondered why they would check your (on one’s, not your specifically) profile. Where’s the purpose there? Unless to check if you are still coming online, perhaps?

    • No clue Surrey. Maybe to check if I’ve been online, maybe to check for new pics (which I put up an awesome one from Vegas – dare I say, I look awesome) 😉

      As I have a filthy mind however, I assume it’s to do dirty things while looking at pictures ………. I know, I’m gross

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