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Date or Nap? July 20, 2011

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I’m supposed to meet TallDark in an hour for drinks.  It’s 110 here today and I worked outside all morning.  Is it bad that I’m sorta wanting to just take a big ole’ nap instead of going?  Yeah, I guess you’re right, it’s not like someone is going to bring me a cocktail when I’m sleeping, so I’ll go.  And I even know how I’ll find him amongst the crowd of early happy hour goers.  He’ll be wearing a black T-shirt.  And how do I know this?  He told me yesterday.  YESTERDAY.  Uh, I’m supposed to leave in a little over a half an hour and still have no clue what I’m wearing, yet he knew yesterday that he’d be wearing a black t-shirt today.  Odd.  Of course I had to ask him how on earth he knew what he was going to wear already.  Is every Wednesday black t-shirt day?  Is his black t-shirt his lucky 1st date shirt?  Who knows?

Oh, and is it odd that he told me about the date he had on Saturday?  Yeah, I thought so too.  Apparently it didn’t go so well.  As in she sat there and didn’t crack a smile for a half hour he said.  Uhm, I would think if she was just a miserable human being he might have picked up on that via e-mails and chats, right?  I certainly hope it doesn’t mean he’s hugely disfigured or the most boring man alive!  As I have a little more than no enthusiasm about meeting him, how much do you wanna bet he loves me?  C’mon, you know it’ll happen. 😉




4 Responses to “Date or Nap?”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    I see the hearts floating from his head…congratulation

  2. everevie Says:

    Hopefully…if you aren’t having a good time…you are at least running up his bar bill. 😉

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