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I’m Confoozled July 21, 2011

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Again.  What else is new.  Okay, you all said to sit back and do nothing with TallDark, which I am perfectly capable of doing.  As he does seem nervous and ‘new to it all’, it’s just good manners to send him a ‘thank you and a nice meeting you’ message, I would do that for anyone.  Which I did.  In a short e-mail to him (as we don’t have each other’s phone numbers).  Yeah, so I pretty much ignored what you all told me to do.  What is wrong with me?  Ugh.  Anyway, I woke up this morning to a nice e-mail from him that he had sent at 1:15am after getting home from his game/subsequent bar bonding time with said teammates.  That has left me no clearer on his thought process.  Awesome.  So here, my dating coaches, are the 2 e-mails.  The one I sent to him, and the one he sent to me.

From Me to Him

Hey TallDark,

I just wanted to thank you again for tonight.  I had a terrific time meeting you.  I feel bad that you were late to your game though.  I had no idea we were there so long (apparently although I wear a watch, I don’t often look at it when I’m having a good time).

I hope your game goes well and that the guys didn’t give you too hard of a time for showing up late and/or for the subsequent salad ordering. ;-p

It also occurred to me as I was going to text you a quick ‘thank you’ on my way home, that I don’t actually have your number, nor do you have mine.  Duh, so here you go (and please refrain from writing it on random bathroom walls in questionable parts of town). 🙂 xxx-xxx-xxxx

From Him to Me

You’re so funny. I was actually on time so no issues there. I cannot believe we were there for 3 1/2 hours, I’m very sorry I had to leave to fast, I felt very bad that I did not give you a proper goodbye.

My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Feel free to txt or call anytime. Its really late so I’m going to bed. thank you again for restoring my faith in dating….I had a great time.

Nice, right?  Although I am dying to know what the ‘proper goodbye’ would have consisted of as well as wanting to send off a cheeky ‘you can make it up to me next time’ message, I won’t.  I will sit.  And wait.  No really, I will this time.  I do believe I’ve just made a new friend.  Crap.  I’m just not quite sure what to do with this …….. huh


12 Responses to “I’m Confoozled”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    Will he call you? I don’t understand why some guys try to act toooo cool

  2. Annoying he didn’t mention going out again!

  3. everevie Says:

    I wanna know what a “proper goodbye” consists of too!

    And…I’m sorry…I know this is an unpopular opinion…but if I were you, I would definitely reply to him somehow via email or text. And I’d be straightforward in asking if he’d like to get together sometime soon (even moreso…if he’d like to get together this wknd, next week, etc.)

    Be YOU Grey. And you are the kinda woman who is not shy about getting answers. So…go get some answers!! Yee-haw!

    • I know, right? I’m hoping proper goodbye=awesome kiss (but that’s just me).

      Although I may reply to his e-mail (or not), i’m not going to ask him out. He can do that if he wants to. And I hope he does.

  4. hmmm. I think its more difficult get a clear read on him because he responded to your note. Would have been clearer if he had initiated the note. He does sound genuine though. He would not have responded or given you his # if he was not interested. He could have just done a dissappearing act. We all know guys are good at that trick!

    My take on it is that he does like you and he is interested so you wiill hear from him. He sounds like he is afraid to screw it up based on his past experiences. The only way to know for sure is to pleeease do not contact him.

    One more sidebar….next time try thanking the guy while on the date and indicate your interest and then leave it. Just try! No follow-up Thank you email or text. Give him space to chase you! Sounds cliche I know..but there is some truth in a lot of these ‘ol sayings.

    Opps I think I might be rambling..I will stop!

    • 😉 you know me so well. Funny thing is that I thought of saying something to the effect of ‘lets do this again sometime’ last night but decided not to as I wanted it to be his decision to suggest getting together again.

      😦 I’m a very bad student in the whole no contact thing. Although I wont suggest a follow up date (although I will initiate a 1st meeting), I do tend to ‘keep in touch’ 😉

  5. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    But you are learning young grasshopper! 😀 You are waiting for him to initiate the next meeting! Yes! Regarding his not, he did return with his number – positive. Will be interesting to see what happens next!

  6. Matthew Says:

    Part of me is thinking that he may very well be thinking, “She gave me her number, I gave her my number…so the ball is now back in her court.”

    I say this because this is one of the many ways guys thinking and I have even been guilty of it myself. However, usually if I didn’t get an e-mail/call/text within a couple days I’d usually jump back on the horse and make contact.

    Just saying, he may be waiting for you to volley the ball back to his side.

    • Thanks Matthew. I was kinda thinking the same thing. If you can keep a secret, i’m kinda thinking of shooting off a very casual e-mail to turn it back around to ‘his turn’ Kbut don’t tell everyone that says not to). 😉 Who knew my original ‘thank you’d e-mail would screw up the order of contact 😉

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