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Slow Day For News July 22, 2011

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Well, aside from my actually hugging a Walmart greeter today (don’t ask, I can’t explain), nothing much newsworthy has happened.  Aside from Tuesday guy making my eyes glaze over and giving me a headache with ‘potential’ changes in plans for tomorrow.  It went something like this via text (oh joy).

Him: Hey, my wife needs me to watch the kids tomorrow night, can we do tonight instead?

Me: Nope, sorry.  We can do Sunday if that helps

Him: Don’t you have to work Monday morning?

Me: Uh, were you planning on this being an overnight date?

Him: My apologies, didn’t mean to give that impression it’s just that some people like to relax on Sundays.

Me: Just decide and let me know, whatever is fine with me

Him: Okay, we’ll just stick with the plan

Me: Sorry, but I’m already confused, when are we going to the movies?

blah, blah, blah ……….

As of now (8:36pm Friday night), we are set to go to the movies tomorrow night.  He offered to come pick me up.  Ha!  That’s never going to happen, so we’re meeting at the theatre.  And what is it, btw, that makes guys pick movie theatres in shit parts of town?  He doesn’t live near it nor do I, but apparently their popcorn is really good.  Okay, I don’t like movie popcorn, so who cares?  Regardless of how the rest of the evening goes, I know the movie will be good. 😉


Regarding TallDark, he sent me an e-mail this morning saying he was spending the weekend with his kids (he’s an uber dedicated dad) and ‘maybe’ we can do something next week but he can’t decide what as it’s so hot out and he would like to do something more interactive than a movie.  Now, we’re all aware that my mind resides in the gutter a good 89%  of the time, so you can imagine the indoor activity options that I came up with (but I kept them to myself).  He asked if I had any suggestions.  I responded back that I would think about it ’cause although I have a lot of non-smut related ideas, none are conducive to me wearing a really cute outfit (how the hell can I bowl in a short dress and do I really want him debating the size of my ass on date #2 as I try not to have my ball roll into the gutter…… with my mind)?  Anyway, I said that whatever he chose I’m sure would be great as it doesn’t matter the location or activity, but more so the company (ain’t I the suave one?).  I haven’t heard back from him.  I guess I don’t really expect to until after the weekend?  Eh, who knows?


The big news of the day though is that I had a 61 year old man message me on Match that he thought my ‘tagline’ was the 2nd best he’s seen.  I guess that was supposed to prompt me to write back and ask what the 1st one was.  As I  don’t really care, I didn’t.  Sorry pops. 😉


Oh, and Paul texted me to see if I wanted to meet for lunch on August 1st.  Yeah right, like he’s going to be able to remember 2 weeks out.  He asked if I had any requests and I sent back ‘yes, that you write it down and actually show up this time’ 🙂 I’m such a bitch.


6 Responses to “Slow Day For News”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    Stick with tall and dark…uber great father…that is some points

  2. Yay three guys to pick from (: It seems that they’re all different. So if you’re not looking for anything serious keep all three of them for some fun in whichever way you’re looking for it

    • Hi pumps! I know! When am I ever actually going to have ‘options’ again? Paul doesn’t count as one as he’s just a friend, and TallDark is the one that I’m really interested in, but yeah, I have no issue dating multiple guys until the one I want pulls through. 🙂

  3. Cousin Bette Says:

    Well, come on! Hurry up! Where’s the date? Oh yeah, what time is it at your place?

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