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Date #2 with Tuesday Guy Recap July 24, 2011

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Okay, so I realize it’s totally shitty of me to be uber apathetic about meeting Tuesday guy again, but what can I say?  That’s just me.  I worked all day, managed to squeeze in a nap and then finally rolled into the shower about 45 minutes before I was supposed to meet him.  Why so bleh about the whole thing?  Not sure.  He’s a nice enough guy and all, but I was a little preoccupied as to why I hadn’t heard back from TallDark.

He had messaged me Friday morning suggesting getting together this week.  I messaged back a scant 2 hours later and then……..nothing.  He has always been on the ball about responding to messages.  I mean when I was in Vegas,  we exchanged 25 messages.  Yes, I know, I’m a loser for counting.  I was doing my best to not be my neurotic self but couldn’t help but wonder if I’d responded too soon, sounded too eager, that he’s realized I am 10lbs more than what I should weigh (okay fine, 15 but whatever) or that he was just ‘being nice’ in his previous messages to me.  I was doing a good job of it too (yes, all of those thoughts without me being a total basket case is me NOT being neurotic) and already had my super casual text message already planned to send him on Monday morning of ‘I hope you had a great weekend with your kids”.  Well right before I left the house to meet Tuesday guy, I checked e-mails.  And there was one from TallDark, TOTALLY apologizing for not responding sooner :-).  Really?  That’s all it take to put a huge grin on my face?  Someone who actually responds to messages in a timely manner?  Damn I’m a loser.  Anyway, he apparently has had multiple friends of his kids’ over since Friday morning and had spent all of yesterday out on the lake.  In a boat.  Hello?  Would that be his boat?  I don’t know ……. yet.  Anyway, that totally turned my mood around and I was grinning the whole way to meet Tuesday Guy.  Oh,  I guess that’s bad that I wasn’t actually grinning about Tuesday Guy ………

Anywhoo, back to the date at hand.  I met Tuesday Guy (yeah, still don’t have a better name for him) at a divey-ish sports bar by the craptastic theatre that he chose.  Yes, just like texting, apparently I’m going to need to learn to love the dive bars for dates.  We had a drink and chatted and then had this extended debate on whether or not to actually go to the movies or to stay and continue eavesdropping on the couple sitting next to us that kept flip flopping between making out like teenagers and screaming horribly nasty things at one another.  It’s fascinating to see how drunken trash people operate.   We finally decided to head to the movies and I hopped in his car.  Yup, he’s that innocuous that I’d leave my car behind.  He even opened my car door for me!  He’s very polite in the holding doors open and pulling out my bar stool chair for me.

The movie was funny.  Very funny, so that was good.  Afterwards we head back to my car and he suggests a nightcap somewhere over by where he lives.  Uh, since my car was sitting in front of a perfectly good establishment with 4 walls, a roof and a full bar, I suggested we just stay there.  And we did.  To admire the late night crowd.  Uh, ick.  We talked about a lot of things.  He asked me about my business and about my 2nd job.  I asked him about his (soon to be) ex and that whole relationship.  Yeah, since I’m not all that interested in him, I figured it wouldn’t matter if I hit on ‘inappropriate’ topics.  After a long explanation, here’s what I deduced.  He’s still in love with her and would absolutely go back if she asked him to.  He denies it, but pretty sure I’m right.  Again, as I’m not all that into him, this revelation doesn’t bother me.  What does bother me is that one of the issues that his wife had/has with him is his lack of showing affection.  Uh, that’s a big one for me as I’m all about the PDA.  Duh.  I guess at this point I should mention that aside from some very well placed innuendoes, he has not made one move on me.  No hand holding in the theatre, no hand on my leg, no lame yawn/stretch/arm around me move.  Nothin’.  I’m the one that ended up grabbing his hand at the bar.  Granted, after I did that, he then held onto it with both of his, but still.

Here comes the awesome part of the night.  And by awesome, I mean not so awesome.  We were talking about his family and he told me that his niece lives overseas and I say ‘oh, so your sister lives in Seoul?’ and he goes ‘no, my niece.  You know, my niece is my sister’s child’.  I say again ‘so your sister lives overseas.’ and he AGAIN explains to me what a niece is.  Uh, don’t ever insinuate that I’m stupid.  I look at him with what I’m certain is one of my patented fuck you stares and say ‘you had better be kidding me in explaining what a niece is’.  And he did it again.  At this point I was pissed as I couldn’t understand what the stupid disconnect was in what I was saying.  I figured his niece was younger and lived overseas with her mother/his sister (which he also explained the whole her mother/his sister thing to me and is damn lucky I didn’t clock him for doing so).  Anyway, he got pissed that I had called him out on ‘explaining’ things to me and I guess it was a big stupid understanding as he says he was being funny (and if that’s his humor, then has the Sahara Desert of dry senses of humor).  Anyway, he sort of pouted after that and the evening came to a screeching halt.  I paid this last bar tab as he had paid for everything else for the last 2 dates and he walked me to my car.  And immediately shoved his hands in his pockets.  I’m no good at reading ‘body language’ but I’m thinking that’s not good.  Not sure if he was still pissed, being shy or just not interested (which I doubt), but regardless there was no hug, no kiss, no nothing.  I got in my car and left.  Up until the big niece/sister retardedness, things had been pretty flirty and he’d even offered to help me pick a location for my next tattoo (and I don’t mean the facility that would be performing the procedure).

I should probably text him to make sure things are okay, but don’t even know if I care.  He is a nice guy.  We do have lots to talk about.  He would only be ‘filler’ for me though.  Huh ………


6 Responses to “Date #2 with Tuesday Guy Recap”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    Definitely—he reminds me of someone…they are very sensitive…not in that they were insulted..but they act that way cause they think they have hurt or insulted the other person…
    Text him with a sweet couple of phrases…I think the niece thing will be forgotten…

    • You’re probably right Jaye. I did text him (amazing how ‘normal’ I can be with guys I don’t really like) and he thanked me for doing so and apologized for being a douche (not in those exact words) 😉

  2. Fillers are great for movies! Somehow his personality seems to be just like a Tuesday now. Funny how that works. Maybe that’s just it..he is TOO nice..which could explain the lack of pda as well.

    • haha Shades, fillers ARE great for movies. And cocktails. He may very well be too nice ~ i guess i should be grateful he’s not trying to grope me under the table …… however, being the kissing whore that I am, it would be nice if he actually went in for one …. 😉

  3. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    So weird when stuff like that happens! So what about Tall & DarK? Did he suggests plans in that email?

    • Yeah, his reaction was kinda strange. We texted a few times yesterday, but no clue if we’ll go out again.

      No plans yet with TallDark, he was basically e-mailing to apologize for not e-mailing. He’s super-dad and had his kids over the weekend, so I’m guessing/hoping I’ll hear back from him today?

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