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Cat Got My Tongue? July 26, 2011

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Huh, funny that when writing a dating blog there isn’t much to post about when not actually dating.  Or communicating with anyone.  It didn’t even occur to me until today, when I had nothing to write, that I haven’t logged onto any of my bazillions of dating sites since early last week.  Huh.

I usually log on to at least one site a day.  Unless, of course, we’re talking about Plenty Of  Tools, in which case it’s more like once a quarter (which is still too often).  I don’t think I’ve even thought about it.  Sure, to most this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but really, its been sorta my ‘thing’ for the last 19 months. 

I log on, I wink, I e-mail, I respond, I go out, I don’t like the guy, I come home, I log back on and the whole cycle starts again.  I guess this a newly discovered measuring tool (haha tool=internet dating, get it?) for me to recognize if I like a guy or not.  Not in the whole ‘put your eggs in one basket’ after one date (regardless of how good it was), but more of a ‘why would I want to look for bigger/better/shinier/whatever, if I like this one?’  I’ve read a lot of blog posts lately about ‘serial daters’.  I don’t think I am one.  I don’t think I’ve ever been one.  I think I will date more than one guy if I’m not certain (or am absolutely certain that there’s not) that I really like them or that there is potential for a future together.  I won’t, however, even look at profiles if I think I do like someone.  I tried to do it when I was seeing Webster and we all know how that worked out.  Every guy got compared to him, so why bother? 

I didn’t look at other profiles until the final stages of my short-lived (yet way too long) romance with Irish Guy.  I hid my profiles after I met Webster, only to be put back up entirely too soon once I realized only one of us was ‘present’ in the pairing.  I haven’t looked at anyone since meeting TallDark.  No, no, no, although I do consider myself a bit of a romantic at heart, I do not envision hearts and flowers and white picket fences with someone after one date.  If I do think that I like them though, I certainly owe them the respect of at least giving it a shot.  However short-lived that shot may be.  As an aside, I do think I have some record breakingly short-lived encounters. 😉 Where’s my award?

As I have no clue what’s going on with Tuesday Guy (and I had already bitchily deemed him ‘filler’) and know that TallDark is not to be, I seem to be left with nothing in the works.  And with a birthday around the corner and my really really really wanting a shiny new bike to commemorate the occasion, I guess I better get back to work.  Or else you’re all going to be bored to tears when I start posting pictures of my dogs and other random shit on here. 😉


7 Responses to “Cat Got My Tongue?”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    Too many fish in the sea for you to be down…being down is not your thing…

  2. everevie Says:

    Your dogs are frickin adorable. Who would be bored with pics of them?? Not me!!

    I prayed to the Tigers that you would get a shiny new bike for your b-day present. I also sent a note to Santa…and the Tooth Fairy. Tonight I will wish upon a star. You never know…somebody might answer.

  3. Surrey gal Says:

    You are a marvellous monogamist 🙂

    • haha, thanks. I would never think of seeing someone else if i were actually ‘dating’ someone, but i guess it just doesn’t feel right when I actually just ‘like’ someone either …….. huh, who knew? 😉

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