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Date to Friend Conversion Plan July 27, 2011

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So I was thinking (try not to panic people, it happens every now and again) about all my bazillion guys/bad dates/good dates/blog posts.  Sure, I liked TallDark.  I didn’t really know him though.  We only met once for heaven’s sake but that, paired with a bunch of e-mail exchanges had me all excited to know more about him (okay, more accurately, want to kiss him but whatever).  I like hanging out with guys.  They’re not as bitchy or competitive as girls.  I used to have mostly all male friends.  They were fun, they were cute, they kept me entertained with their always hugely skewed view on life and love and random crap that no one cares about. 😉 I’ve made one past douchebag dear john letter writer into a friend.  Why can’t I make another one into one?

All we really were at this point is friends anyway, right?  I’ll get over the whole kissing thing.  I’m sure I’ll have many many options for such activities in the future. 😉  TallDark is a good guy.  He’s got a good heart and great outlook on things.  I am going to make him into a friend.  Well gee, you’re thinking  (or not), how the hell does she think she’s going to do that?  It’s easy my friends.  It starts with a text message that goes something like this:

“It must be your lucky day!  I’ve decided to keep you as a friend (sorry, but you get no say in the matter).  You make me laugh, you’re a good guy and I could use more male friends.  Besides, you might need some female perspective while in rehab ya’ know.  Or at least an excuse to go to happy hour.”

To which I get an immediate response of:

“you’re funny, but you knew that.  I could always use a friend.”

Now, what he’s really thinking, who the hell knows.  Do I think we’ll really be friends?  Not sure.  Am I glad he actually responded positively instead of not responding at all or responding with a polite ‘no thank you’?  Duh, of course.  I guess we’ll just wait and see.  If he’s not a complete moron, he’ll realize that I’m a pretty awesome friend to have.  No, btw, I do not mean in a FWB kinda way either.  And nope, no ulterior motives on this one either.  And before any of you feel the need to ‘explain’ to me that I shouldn’t always be the one to contact him, uh, no shit. (oopsie, was that rude?).  I probably won’t contact him.  For a really long time.  So there. 🙂  I may be a complete and total retard when it comes to dating, but I’m pretty well versed in what the ‘rules’ of friendship are.

I really do need more male friends ya’ know.  Taking applications …………


*edited to add that we’ve been swapping texts (yeah, i know, i’m a full fledged texter now *hanging head in shame*) since my assigning him to ‘friend’ status and gee, I guess this might actually work.


11 Responses to “Date to Friend Conversion Plan”

  1. Pleased to hear you’ve embraced texting despite its very limited value. (We should have all got together offline without you and had some kind of ‘book’ on when you’d cave). With texting down pat, you’re chic, you’re modern…you’re barely better off than when you weren’t texting. But the chic/modern thing outweighs this.

    It’s such a shame my application got lost in the mail.. 😦

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    I am totally confused…this post is hard to understand…sometimes English is hard to understand…I think you are a great friend to anybody…but you need a BOYfriend

    • Well 1st of all, I don’t NEED a boyfriend, I WANT one 😉 What I do need, is a bike ride 🙂

      Why not be friends with the guy?

      • jgavinallan Says:

        GG: If you can…do it…except…being friends with a guy can be tricky…and may influence a future relationship…jealousy is an invisible demon that floats around any relationship…

        • Matthew Says:

          While I agree with you that jealousy could loom in the future and opposite gender friendships can be tricky (at times), if it is he who were to get jealous that is at no fault of our Grey Goose here. She spelled it out directly on the table…”friend” and he even returned the word…”friend”.

          Jealousy will be purely the fault of the person with whom the feelings are within.

  3. That’s great! You can never have too many friends…a real positive out of this process. Ahhh forget the rules and just to do what feel rights:)

  4. Surrey gal Says:

    I also have (and always have had) more male than female friends. I like being friends with guys.
    As for tall dark, that’s great news! Don’t let the other girl beat you to being friends with him 🙂 and who knows what happens!

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