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Jews Like Christenings Too July 27, 2011

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No, not the ones where you have to be all quiet and watch some baby get water poured on their forehead before eating cake with too sweet frosting at the party afterwards.   Somewhat along the same lines though.  Involving a process which makes something officially mine…….. just wait, you’ll see

So back to that realtor thingie.  The one where my guru-ish realtor turned into a judgy one.  The one where I sorta bought a property.  Yeah that one.  Uhm, I’m sorta being forced to break with tradition.  And it’s making me damn sad.

It’s a tradition of mine that isn’t going to happen this time around.  Boo.  To celebrate a new acquisition I always make a picnic.  To be enjoyed in a completely vacant house.  Devoid of furniture or anything other than me, the picnic, a blanket and a, erm, guest.  And we actually usually just skip the picnic part.  I guess there will be no ‘breaking in’ this one like the others.  Damn it.

Oh wait, did you think this was going to be something religious?  Sorry all you god fearing people who accidentally landed here looking for some inspiration. Unless your minds reside in the gutter when not in church, you should have looked away. 😉


4 Responses to “Jews Like Christenings Too”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    GG: excuse me…my head was turned…I’m afraid to ask…what’s next?

  2. everevie Says:

    I’m God fearing…but sometimes my mind is in the gutter even IN church. I just can’t help it. I knew by the end of paragraph 1 what this post would be about.


    But..sorry about the break with tradition. 😦

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