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Karma IS A Bitch July 27, 2011

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Hahaha, it’s not often that you actually get to witness a well deserved dose of karma.  I got to today!  Just now, on my way home!  Rush hour traffic and I’m headed to my house.  I turn on my signal to switch into the middle lane and out of nowhere this crappy little red truck decides he’s going to do the same thing from the opposite lane.  No signal, no warning, just a hard twist of the steering wheel and he practically sideswipes me.  Lovely.  That’s not the part that pissed me off.  The fact that there were 3 gang bangers crammed into the tiny front seat who all opted to flip me off is what did it.  Really guys?  You almost hit me.  Whatever.  They sped off and proceeded to swerve in and out of lanes in order to get to wherever they were going.  Honestly, how fast can you go in rush hour?  Anyway, about 2 blocks ahead there was a traffic light that turned red and I hear tires screeching on the pavement.  I get to the light just in time to see the shitty little red truck rear end the truck in front of them.  Now, I feel really bad for the front truck and if I could have managed to maneuver my way across the 4 lanes of traffic to see if I could help, I would have, but I was blocked in. 😦 Boo.  I can only hope that the driver of the front truck was an enormous man with a really bad temper.

Karma certainly is a bitch ……..


5 Responses to “Karma IS A Bitch”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    Woooo! Talk about the spirits watching over you…wow!

  2. Matthew Says:

    Hearings things like that about a-holes on the road getting what’s coming to them makes me smile.

    Justice is served!

  3. mybrightspot Says:

    I need to get a bumper sticker that says, “Smile Shitty Drivers! You’re On YouTube!” with a little graphic of an iphone or something.

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