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Rules Are Made To Be Broken July 31, 2011

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Sometimes.  I mean, not like ‘you shouldn’t trip an old lady crossing the street’ or ‘shoplifting is bad’ kinda way.  Those are good rules to follow.  Always.  I have a lot of ‘rules’ in my life.  I’m kinda regimented that way.  If I didn’t have rules and guides and my beloved post it notes regarding just about everything, I’d probably just spin in circles and get myself into more trouble than I already do.  Some rules are more important than others.  Some rules are more bendable then others.  Like don’t get drunk on a date.  I think that may be my favorite one to bend.  Or don’t kiss on a 1st date.  Not only do I bend that one on a regular basis, but I pretty much break it into itty bitty pieces.  A lot. 🙂

Now, when I tell you the rule that I broke, just this once, I hope you will not think any less of me.  Or actually, think what you want.  I’ll act like I don’t care when I secretly will.  Here’s the thing.  There was this guy on Match.  His pic was really cute.  He’s an attorney.  His profile was properly punctuated with accurate spelling and no use of text speak.  I figured what the hell.  I still have 4 messages that I need to send out in order to enact the ‘loser clause’.  So I wrote him a short message.  Being as he is apparently a crappy attorney and I’m sure his pic was from 10 years ago paired with the fact that he just figured I was out of his league, he opted not to respond.  Shithead.  Anyway, here’s the rule I broke.  He is 54.  And while I let my superficial side overtake my flashback to the Sex In The City episode where Samantha dates an older guy only to bail when she saw his saggy ass, I have decided that some of my rules, as screwed up as they may be, are there for a reason.  I musta been too young for him. 😉


*edited to add:  haha, he must have been cosmicly notified about this blog post as guess who I just got a message from?  not sure he has any sort of sense of humor and was kind enough to point out that he’s older than my age range and towards the bottom of my height ‘requirement’ (uh, duh, i’m one of the rare people that actually reads stats and profiles), so my rules may actually be in place for a reason, but I’ll keep ya’ posted!


6 Responses to “Rules Are Made To Be Broken”

  1. Kat Richter Says:

    Love this part: “Not only do I bend that one on a regular basis, but I pretty much break it into itty bitty pieces.” Can’t wait to hear what happens with this one!

  2. Surrey gal Says:

    Having read this I can only reinforce what I had said in the next post. Hang on there. You have nothing to lose!! Cute looking, rich (presumably), and good grammar!!! Come on, Grey!

  3. everevie Says:

    I guess he’ll be picking you up on the bus from the retirement village>?

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