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Meet? August 1, 2011

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Or maybe he meant meat?  By the looks of the picture he had on his profile, including 2 shirtless ones of his overly hairy self (ick), who knows?  So TroyBoy sends me a message on Match last night.  Very romantic and utterly witty and verbose.  It went something like this : “Hi.  How are you?”.  Just like we we’re IMing (which we weren’t).  I was so utterly astounded by his charming initial contact and lame profile that of course I had to respond back with an equally catchy ‘i’m fine thanks, how are you?’ And kinda hoped that was the end of it.  Until I woke up this morning to find an invitation to meet.  Lucky me.

Now as if our witty repartee’ weren’t reason enough to want to meet up, I had actually signed my name on my response. My real one. His invitation to meet for a drink this week, complete with phone number, was ‘addressed’ to my screen name and not my real one. So here’s my question: does he realize I’m the same person from last night? Is he a functional illiterate? Do I really even care?

I actually might have to meet up with him for sheer comedic value.


7 Responses to “Meet?”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    I think confusion(on his part) is due to a kind of excitement…I don’t like guys that are too sure of themselves or always seem to perform correctly…it means too much practice…

  2. Surrey gal Says:

    I can so totally see you do that!! And how great it would be to read about it 😀 ha ha ha

  3. I think he did realize and is trying to be cute. Signed Charlotte.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Haha, he’s not cute; he’s hairy……….and not in a Charlotte’s husband kinda way either 😉

  4. […] Yeah, I haven’t responded to any of them either.  I certainly didn’t respond to the oddly hairy guy.  Of the creepy tall guy!  Damn, my options seem a bit bottom of the barrel these days: old, […]

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