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Maybe Eyedrops Would Help? August 7, 2011

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Yeah, so back to that damn winking that I allowed my nimble fingered Doppelganger to do on my behalf.  Uhm, not sure that’s working out too well for me (big surprise, I know).  Let’s see, as of today, I’ve had 3 replies, 1 actual ‘thanks but no thanks’ (wtf dude, just not responding would have gotten your point across just as well) and many of them that have looked at my profile but opted to do nothing.  Which can only mean that they each suffer from some traumatic brain injury and would be no use to me anyway. 😉

So Mr. Fit & Successful.  Uh, not quite sure what to make of him.  He must mention the words ‘fit’ and ‘excercise’ and ‘healthy’ in his profile no less than 10 times.  Not a huge fan.  Nope, I’m not some ginormous glutton and am probably in pretty good shape for my age, but my god, should that really be someone’s number one ‘must have’?  I find it a bit fanatical.  And annoying.  We exchanged a few messages yesterday in which I managed to shove my foot in my mouth (par for the course) and offend the hell out of him (kinda accidentally on purpose), but as I hadn’t completely written him off yet, I figured I better apologize for my unintentional insult (although I thought it was funny).   As he had told me he was making dinner for a ‘friend’ last night, I asked him how that went and what he made.  Uhm, he made fajitas.  And made sure to point out that he used low fat refried black beans,  low carb wheat tortillas (yuk) and absolutely no fat or oil or cheese.  Uh, okay.  I do believe a fanatical ‘healthy’ guy and a true foodie would never be able to co-mingle happily.  I absolutely try to eat healthy (what?  i always get veggies on my pizza) and use low fat cooking styles, but do I try to shove it down others’ throats?  Not so much.  Maybe I could hook him up with the pervy Santa dude from the other day and they could find use for all that organic produce together.


Another wink recipient who’ll I’ll refer to as ‘Mr Shiny Forehead’ for obvious reasons wrote back yesterday.  I can’t actually remember what he wrote though, so must have been grippingly entertaining.  I think I wrote him back and tried to match the lameness of his message to me, but haven’t heard back.  Boo.  Not really. 😉


Another guy actually responded to the wink by sending me a message that said, and I quote, ‘Thanks for the wink.  Wink back atcha’ ……….. uh, what the hell am I to do with that nonsense?  So I did nothing.


I did do a bit of ‘tweeking’ to my profile last night though.  As Doppelganger is all happily hooked up (that bitch) and we basically have the same personality, I kinda borrowed her profile and slapped it up on mine to see what would happen.  Waddaya know?!  I got a guy this morning telling me that he LOVED my profile.  Sure, I felt like a bit of a fraud, but whatever.  Here’s the thing.  He writes messages as if he were IMing.  Annoying.  And, as I looked through his pics, he was really quite handsome in every single one of them………until I got to the last one.  I had to flip back to double check as I wasn’t sure it was the same person, so I can only assume that the last photo is the most recent.  Damn. 😦


Oh, and some other kinda er, large, if you will guy off of OkStupid wants to meet me.  I have absolutely no clue what he looks like as his one and only picture sucks and is so pixellated that I can’t see a face, so that could be a nightmare.  As I really need to put operation ‘don’t think about him because you’re distracted by other guys’ into motion, if he asks me out, I’ll probably go.  Sad, isn’t it?  These poor guys have no idea that while yes, I am truly looking for the one (ever elusive) great guy for me, that they are all most likely fillers or distractions ……….. oh well, who knows?  I could get lucky. (and no, not in that way you big ole’ pervs)


5 Responses to “Maybe Eyedrops Would Help?”

  1. Oh, the big boys love me too. I’m not skinny but I’m not a big girl either. My favorite from today was a guy who had the screen name “whispers in your ear”. Because that’s not creepy, but then again he’s really short maybe it’s a height thing……

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    Your life and times is exciting…I look forward to your posts…
    PS: Stay away from health food guys…I don’t know why…but do

  3. Surrey gal Says:

    Nothing wrong with borrowing somebody else’s profile… or rather parts of it 🙂

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