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At Least The Homeless Still Care ……. August 9, 2011

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Well gee, in addition to the 54 year old 6’4″ guy who lives 2 hours away and has messaged me no less than 3 other times and the guy that thinks it’s appropriate to send a message consisting of only ‘I think you’re sexy, let’s go out’ along with his phone number, I had not one, but two homeless guys strike up conversations with me.  Nice guys, both of them.  One was probably about 60 and the other, I have no clue.  I always feel bad and wonder what sort of circumstances  have led them to where they are now.    The best that I can do is to talk to them as I would anyone else and treat them with respect.  And that’s what I did.  And just to prove that the homeless are sometimes nicer than your average run of the mill douchebag on the street, they both told me that I was purty. 🙂  Although they did stop short of inviting me back to their cardboard boxes (I know, I’m going to hell), I did appreciate the sentiment.  Especially considering I usually look like absolute hell when I’m out working my 2nd job (and today was no exception).


4 Responses to “At Least The Homeless Still Care …….”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    You can start a fan club.

  2. stevesw Says:

    More homeless guys? Dang, I had to up date my last post “When lips touch.”

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