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In What World Is This Fair? August 9, 2011

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You all know my love (if I can remember correctly) for bike riding, right?  Yeah, it’s been so friggin’ long that I’m a little hazy on that aspect as well.  I did have a chance for bike rides with you know who, but I dragged my feet too long (who knew there wouldn’t be a next time?) and lost my chance.  Weird how I can view things, huh?  ‘Cause you know in my screwed up mind, if I had taken him for a bike-ride, everything would be hunky dory right now and we’d still be together.  See how that works?  Yup, I need help……..

Anyway, the whole bike riding reference is strictly a blog thing.  No one in the ‘real world’ is aware of my lame euphemism.  That’s why I was so shocked to read an e-mail from my twin today.  So shocked that I almost ran off the road.  What?  Doesn’t everyone check their e-mails while driving?  Anywhoo, I had asked her what she was doing on Monday (her birthday) and what does she tell me?  That she’s going on a really long bike ride!  WTF?!?  I thought that was entirely rude of her to rub my nose in it (not unlike someone else I know) until I read that she will be going with a bunch of ladies from her neighborhood as they like to go on hour long bike rides every Monday morning.  Huh, who knew my married twin sister swung that way?  I wonder if her husband knows………….


9 Responses to “In What World Is This Fair?”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    This sibling is a pip…maybe the ride will end up with some homeless guys..
    nah! They’re too good for her.

  2. everevie Says:

    LOLOL!! I thought this was gonna be one of those “psychic twin connection” type things. Guess not.


  3. Surrey gal Says:

    Ha ha ha!!! (p.s. what type of a bike ride did she mean? yours or hers?)

  4. Matthew Says:


    She must have a shwing…I mean Schwinn.

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