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I Need To Learn How To Slouch; Or Squint August 11, 2011

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For the life of me, I cannot find one single guy that interests me online these days.  Sure, I’m superficial as hell, so it’s the picture that makes me want to read the profile to begin with, so no cute picture, no reading of profile.  I run searches, I look at the tried and true ‘who’s viewed me’ page and you know who the only guys are that I find even remotely attractive?  Yup, the shorties.  All 5’8″ and under.  Dammit.  I’m just too frickin’ tall!  It’s not that I’m ugly or disfigured or disproportionate, it’s that I’m too tall!  And there’s nothing I can do about that.  I am not about to pull a Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise scenario.  That would just be bad.

So here it is.  I either learn to slouch so guys appear taller, or I need to squint (no click, I didn’t say squirt) in order to make the taller guys more attractive.  Awesome!  How many guys do you think I’ll attract walking all hunched over and looking like I have the sun shining permanently in my eyes?  Shit.  I’m going to be single forever. 😉


10 Responses to “I Need To Learn How To Slouch; Or Squint”

  1. mybrightspot Says:

    …unless you squirt. jk

  2. Matthew Says:

    What? You don’t want to have your future hubby carry around an apple box to stand on everywhere you go??

  3. OMG, I could have easily written this post! I deal with the same thing – I’m either set up with 5’8″ guys or that’s all there is on the internet dating sights. And, while I’m sure these fellas are swell, I’m also sure that I just don’t want to date someone shorter than me. It makes me feel like I’m this giant, which I know is MY issue, but whatever. I’m attracted to tall guys who have some meat on them. Short and tiny just doesn’t do it for me. And I’m aware tall women don’t do it for some guys, which is fine with me. Rant complete. 🙂

  4. mybrightspot Says:

    My exwife and I were the same height. I’m 5’9″.

    The girl I’m seeing now is 6′

    I think tall girls look very graceful, and have a certain commanding femininity that is very attractive.

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