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Birthday Crisis Averted August 12, 2011

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So operation ‘act like it’s not your birthday, but hope to god you’re not stuck alone’ came into serious jeopardy yesterday.  I had it all worked out.  I was going to the movies and lunch with a friend of mine and then to happy hour with another friend of mine.  Well friend #2 messaged me yesterday wanting to know if we could push back happy hour until the following Monday.  Crap!  Er, well, what was I going to say?  No, you have to meet me on this Monday?  So I did what I always do and agreed.  And immediately started panicking.  I don’t think there is a lamer day of the week to be stuck with a birthday than on a Monday.  Mondays just suck.  All the way around and no one wants to actually go do stuff on a Monday.  Boo.  Last year my birthday was on a Monday so in all fairness, this year it should have been on a Tuesday.  Stupid leap year.  Thanks for that.

Anyway, I still had lunch and a movie and since I quit my ‘clean eating/no drinking’ bullshit of a diet today, I figured I could just keep myself liquored up enough not to notice that I was alone that night.  Until a friend of mine saved the day.  This friend and I text just about every day.  Sometimes just for a quick ‘hope you’re having a good day’ and sometimes for hours.  About lots of stuff.  This friend doesn’t want anything from me other than friendship.  Kinda nice not having to wonder/worry about ulterior motives.  I hadn’t heard from this friend on Monday or Tuesday so sent a quick text saying that I hope the week was off to a great start and that I missed our little ‘chats’.  I got an instant reply that this friend missed me too and was just worried about being a bother.  Uh hello?  I’ve got nothing else going on in my life, what could you possibly be bothering?  Anyway, this friend asked if I wanted to meet up next week.  Yey, love to.  Sadly, the only night that this friend has open is Monday.  YEY me!  I now have plans again on Monday night!  I’m so flippin’ happy.  Now while this friend doesn’t have a clue that Monday is my birthday, I think it’s just awesome how it turned out.  So lunch and a movie with Michelle it is.  And then 5pm meet up with ……… TallDark. 🙂

If there’s one good thing that I can see clearly about as an upside to Webster being a fucking idiot douchebag loser (how’d that sound?  convincing?), is that if we were, in fact still seeing each other, I wouldn’t have met TallDark and ya’ know what?  He’s turning out to be a really good friend.  Period.  Nothing more, nothing less.  He told me that he hasn’t come close to being on a date since we went out 3 weeks ago and that he’s very happy being single and doesn’t know that he wants a relationship.  And I was fine with that!  Yey for me not having to try to fool myself that I don’t want to date someone when I really do!  Yey for really cute, really sweet, really good guy friends!


9 Responses to “Birthday Crisis Averted”

  1. decidetodecideetc Says:

    FYI: last year wasn’t a leap year, neither is this year. the next leap year is 2012. Happy Advance birthday!

  2. everevie Says:

    I need to get me a friend like that! Seriously.

    Well…I’m glad you will be having fun on your bday…even if you want to pretend like it’s just any other day. 🙂

    • You do! it’s great! A nice guy …….. who knew?

      I’ll know it’s my birthday, and if anyone reads my t-shirt, they’ll know too (just kidding – how friggin’ lame would that be?) …. i can do without the cake anyway. And all those candles would be a fire hazard. 🙂

  3. Surrey gal Says:

    Great news! What a nice birthday present!!

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