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Age Inappropriate Eye Challenges August 13, 2011

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As I’ve been uber lax in my operation-distract-from-bad-guy-that-you-really do shouldn’t-want-by-dating-random-tools, I opted to test out the online dating cesspool again.  By running a search for age inappropriate guys.  What can I say?  I like ’em young and since I’m hugely fairly immature myself, I figured why not?

Actually they weren’t age inappropriate at all.  They ranged in age from 36-41.  Perfect for me.  The not so perfect part? Every single one of them had their age cutoff at 36!  Really?  Well screw that; they were all cute and funny, so I messaged them!  I totally acknowledged that I was outside their age preferences, but figured ‘what the hell’?  I did, for a brief moment, equate myself to all the lame 60 year olds that ignore my age preference, but as I come in a much prettier package 😉 I figured they’d forgive me.

I did come across an amazingly funny and witty profile from a guy with adorable pics and who’s age range I fit perfectly into.  Yey!  Oh crap, he was only 5’9″ 😦 how the heck did he end up in my search?  Eh, I messaged him anyway.  Why not?  I could always practice bad posture and embrace my inner amazon.  HA!


edited to add: er yeah, i actually wrote this last night and by the time I found it sitting in my drafts to publish, I had already logged on to Match to see that each and every one of these guys had looked at my profile after they read my message ~ and opted not to respond.  crap.  not good for the ole’ ego………… big dummies


One Response to “Age Inappropriate Eye Challenges”

  1. everevie Says:

    Stupid assholes. They have no idea what they’re missing! 😉

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