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Do I Feel Skinny Enough? August 14, 2011

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Well SuperFit (aka: Mr Fat Caliper) messaged me this morning wanting to know if I wanted to meet up today.  In addition to everything else, he seems to be quite a weenie regarding this online dating thing.  After he asked if I wanted to meet up today, he said he understood if it was ‘too soon’ and that we could just keep messaging if I prefered.  Uhm, what grey area is there in my statement that I’d rather meet sooner than later and don’t really want to e-mail back and forth incessantly?  I’m sure he’s just being polite and I’m just being a bitch.  Pretty par for the course.

Here’s the question though.  Do I want to meet him?  Meh, not so much.  Should I go meet him?  Probably, just so I can know for sure, one way or the other.  Am I even in a good mindset to meet anyone right now?  No, probably not.  Could I do with a some blog fodder that has absolutely nothing to do with the douchey dictionary?  Uh, duh.  Decisions, decisions………


Oh, and the big weirdo from last weekend that told me that he looked at my pics no less than a dozen times before falling off the face of the earth messaged me at 1am.  With a stellar ‘Hey there’.  Really?  Of course I wasn’t going to reward him with a response to that lame greeting.  Oh wait, of course I did, that’s what I’m all about.  For his tremendous efforts to send me a witty and engaging message he got this in return:

” Gotta love an e-mail that reads like an IM.  Gives me lots to go on.  Wondering if you ever actually wanted to meet or if you’re one of those guys that just likes to e-mail back and forth incessantly?”

Yup, I’m a peach.  I’m so sick of guys suggesting meeting and then backpedalling.  Either arrange something or leave me alone.  I’m sure I’ll hear back from him as soon as he is able to look up the word ‘incessantly’.  😉 OMG, these guys are in trouble.  I do believe today might be one of my increasingly occurring man-hater days. 😦


14 Responses to “Do I Feel Skinny Enough?”

  1. mysterycoach Says:

    Honey… why not take a little break, give yourself some breathing room…?

    • Hi MC! Uhm, ’cause if I don’t create some sort of dating distractions, I’ll keep replaying the whole fucked up Webster saga over in my head? Or maybe just because I’m lame…..

      • mysterycoach Says:

        Hi 🙂 I highly doubt your lame… Why not go to the shooting range (have you been? I know you said you were going) and picture his face there? Do not leave the shooting range. LOL! Or uhm… uh… distract yourself with something less invasive to your senses, like a kick boxing class or whatever you like?

        It could be a good thing to take a breather and your mind off all these people for a little while. That’s me though, I won’t do the online thing for an extended period of time or leave the house unless I find whoever I talk to, to peak my interest enough to make the effort.

        • Oh believe me, I’m lame 🙂 You and I do this internet dating thing differently though. I will meet just about anyone who’s not a jackass and choose not to ‘get to know them’ online before in person as I think that can be deceiving (and take way too much time). I also have to keep in mind that the 2 people that I liked the most this year (that sadly both went down in flames) were both guys that I almost didn’t meet because I wasn’t thrilled about them…… I’d rather take the chance on wasting my time …..

          Haha, I did get a groupon for kickboxing. I just need to figure out when I want to go…… it’s for a month’s unlimited and i figure with my stellar lack of coordination, I could be sustaining some serious injuries 😉

          • mysterycoach Says:

            We do, we do it differently, this is true. Nah… LOL I can’t bring myself to go and see when I already feel like it’s a no go just from talking to them. This fella here you have doubts about, I mean… if you’ve felt in the past, you’re not going to like a person before going… you have proof that you already know what you’re not going to like. Which is very smart … you know. That’s good stuff! 🙂 There’s something to be said for a woman’s intuition. You’ve got it, I’ve seen it… 🙂

            Men go there 🙂 … Kickboxing classes (at least I think they do) and think how fun it would be if the instructor, in all his hot bodyness had to help you be more coordinated? OR … it’s just a nice way to alleviate stress too a really nice way. My daughter is finally getting old enough to where if I could afford it, I would go. Definitely. I like a more aggressive workout and I sure love oogling hot bodies 🙂

  2. I think I”m going to start going on more dates as a game. Based on what kind of person I think he is I’ll make up a bingo card with phrases and actions I predict will be said or done and mark them off. So if you’re out somewhere and randomly hear someone yell “BINGO!” It’s me and I’m out with a douche bag.

  3. Harry Says:

    No, don’t do that!

  4. mysterycoach Says:

    Do you guys think that you’d be … making yourselves look for the douche in everyone by making a card like that? I know you’re kidding around but we do something long enough it becomes part of who we are and how we think.

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