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Birthday Re-Cap August 16, 2011

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1st of all, thank you all SO much for the sweet birthday wishes and almost entirely convincing lies about my pics 😉  I love you guys!

So woke up yesterday morning with a ‘ugh, another birthday and what do you know?  i’m alone. still.’ and then my dogs pounced on me and I decided to fucking get over it! 🙂 I met an awesome friend for lunch and a movie.  We saw Crazy, Stupid Love (yummy Ryan Gosslin) and then headed to Johnny Rockets for lunch.  Yum (not as yummy as Ryan, mind you, but pretty damn close and much more attainable).  Now this is the friend that originally suggested I start a blog back in October of last year.  When I had no clue what a blog even was.  So those of you that find me highly annoying, you have Michelle to blame.   She is happily married for about a lifetime and half so likes to hear about my horrid dating stories.  Funny, she suggested I start the blog, but she doesn’t actually read it.  Eh, just as well.  Of course I tell her the highlights.  Neck kissing pervy dude from Sunday.  TallDark from 3 weeks ago (she doesn’t get the whole ‘transition from date to friend thing’ but whatever) and of course, what retarded dating recanting would it be without the whole fucked up story of Webster.  And I swear to god she wanted to smack me across the table.  She’s known me since right out of college (so a year or 2) and she’s basically looking at me with her mouth hanging open and a highly incredulous look on her face.  I finish the entire screwed up saga and all she says is ‘What happened to you?  This is NOT your personality to put up with shit like that.  From anyone’  To which I give her a bewildered look.  We have very similar personalities, Michelle and I.  Great senses of humor, opinionated, don’t take shit from anyone, leaders and not followers, and pretty much get out of our way if you’re not helping our cause.  She was a bit embarrassed for me.  To which I was as well.  And she called me out on every single thing that I tried to ‘explain away’.  The fact that I still feel the need to defend him.  The fact that I do, in fact, feel sorry for him and that’s why I let him get away with everything that I did.  The fact that nothing in the entire story past that 1st awesome week sounds like me in the least.  Awesome.

Anyway, we talked about some other things and we decided that come September, we’re headed up to Sedona to have our auras read!  How friggin fun!  I’m not one to believe in all the spiritual and ‘energy’ mumbo jumbo, but I find as I get older (that’s older people, not old), that I am open to alternative ideas.  Hell, any ideas that could possibly help to explain what the hell I’m doing these days would be greatly appreciated.

So after lunch & movies I headed home to read all my awesome FB (yes, the root of all evil on any other day than my birthday) and blog messages for my birthday!  Yey.  Then I get ready to meet TallDark at a bar right down the street from me at 5pm.  Couldn’t figure out what to wear (what else is new) ~ ended up going with a black mini and a tight black t with flats.  I know, sounds cheerful, right?  Well I get to the bar and walk in and don’t see him, so am standing by the entrance like a ginormous dork.  I see a guy across the bar that might possibly be him, but I neither have my glasses on nor am sure if I’d even recognize him after 3 weeks and multiple bad dates later. 😉 I start walking towards him (squinting I’m sure – how utterly attractive), and he gets up to greet me.  Yup, just as darn handsome as I remember.  We ordered drinks and started talking.  And talking.  And talking.  And I think I freaked him out a bit as I remember pretty much everything that he’s told me in the past (no, I’m not a stalker, and even though I can’t remember what I had for breakfast on any given day, I can just remember things about people who interest me).  We got some apps and kept talking.  He keeps checking his phone though and I ask what’s up with that and he says he has to pick his son up at 7 from soccer practice.  Damn.  I thought I had effectively scheduled my day so minimize the ‘alone time’, but oh well.  He ends up staying until 7:30, apologizes up and down for not being able to stay longer and then says ‘with anyone else 2 hours would have been more than enough time, I forgot how much I like talking to you’.  How nice is that?  Awwwwww.  He then told me to go do something decadent for myself, apologized again, promised to be able to stay out later next time, gave me a big ole’ hug and off he went.

I think TallDark might possibly be one of the nicest guys I have met.  Ever.  I am a-ok with just being friends with him.  I just think he’s a good, good guy.  There is very little about him that I don’t like (and we all know I can find fault in just about anyone).  It’s just nice to have someone with such a good heart that doesn’t think I’m a bitch, or a slut, or that he can try to shove his hand up my skirt (although I might actually let him), or talk inappropriately to me and is just pretty much a friggin’ throw back to the days when men were gentlemen.  Crazy.  He may be that Urban Myth (thanks Evie) that we’ve all heard about that actually exists online (probably why he only lasted 2 weeks).

So I came home, had my date for tomorrow night cancel and want to reschedule for next week instead (thanks Click, this was one of your winks on my behalf), started to feel a bit sorry for myself for actually being alone earlier than I thought on my carefully planned out day, and then opted to watch Millionaire Matchmaker in order to try to figure out exactly how much ‘work’ Patty has had done too her face during the off season.  As if that wasn’t enough, I opted to also watch the premier of Most Douchey Eligible Dallas.  And let me tell you; it was sheer torture!  OMG!  Almost started searching for a rusty fork to shove in my eye instead. 😉

All in all, it was a very good birthday. 🙂  And yes, I ended up telling both Michelle and TallDark midway thru our times together that it was my birthday! 🙂 No cake, no candles, no pressies, but laughs and smiles and good times.  Not too shabby for a Monday.


6 Responses to “Birthday Re-Cap”

  1. Happy birthday for yesterday, I’m glad you enjoyed your day!

  2. Surrey gal Says:

    That’s great that the day was nice! And it is so good to read a cheerful post from you! 🙂

  3. everevie Says:

    Yay for a nice day!! Boo for Patty Stanger (what the hell DID she have done? Her eyes? Her lips? Her whole damn head???)…and boo on the assholes they cast for Most Eligible Dallas (except I like the crazy dog-rescuer girl). Stupid bitches and jerk-wads. TRUST me…there are plenty of interesting people in this city…apparently BRAVO didn’t want to cast any. LOLOL.

    • she does look a bit wax figurine-ish ……….. why did they not cast you in the Dallas show? big dummies

      oh, and go check out the picture change from my birthday post ………. done just for you ;-p

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