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Do Blondes Have More Fun? August 16, 2011

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What’s that saying?  No, not that blondes are dipshitty airheads (’cause we kinda sorta are ……… sometimes).  Not that we’re bimbos (’cause we kinda sorta are …… just not as much as I’d like ;-)).  Not that we can’t count higher than 20 without being barefoot.  Oh yeah, that we have more fun.  Huh, not sure about that.  I think the preconceived notions about hair colors are as follows (and yes, I’m sure when I get them wrong, someone will step up and correct me):

Blondes:  have more fun (duh)

Brunettes: are smart

Redheads: fiery and wild

Do blondes really have more fun?  I was thinking of testing this theory actually.  Not that I’m having all that much fun lately anyway which may skew the results, but I guess there’s something to be said for setting the bar low.  Now why on earth would I want to change my hair color?  I don’t even color my hair as it is.  I embrace my greys.  You can’t really tell that they’re grey as mine aren’t actually grey, they’re more of an opaque-ish white.  Which pretty much just looks like highlights in my naturally multi shaded blonde head o’ hair.  I don’t even get haircuts.  A bit phobic about that.  Probably leads back to when I was younger and thought I’d try ‘short’ to see how it looked.  Let me assure you that it did not look pretty.  I’ve been thru many hairstyles in my life.  That horrifically short bob.  I got the ‘Aniston’ when it was all the rage.  Went thru the Farah Faucett phase in middle school.  Tried John Bon Jovi’s cut (when it was longer) when I was in high school.  Hell, I even shaved the side of my head once.  Okay, not the whole side, mind you, but a good 2 inches over each ear ….. no clue why I did that, but I think I also wore those beige work boots that summer as well.  Maybe I was embracing my inner lesbian?  After all the experimentation, I’ve decided that long and straight is really what works best for me.  Sometimes I have bangs, sometimes I don’t, but pretty much I haven’t changed my hair in over 10 years.  I wear it in a ponytail when I work, so really don’t much care.  I’ve tried different hair colors too in the past.  Nothing drastic, mind you, but I was brunette for a short stint.  Me no likee.  I was also a strawberry blonde for a while.   That one I did like.  No clue what others thought as it doesn’t much matter because if I think I look good, then I feel good, so screw everyone else. 😉

As I have no date tonight (thanks Click) because he wants to push it back a week (yeah, like that’s going to happen), I have a big evening planned of drinking alone and watching Jeff Lewis on my beloved Flipping Out.  Mind you that I have the entire week carefully scheduled out so that I can minimize my ‘alone time’ which is actually something I don’t often mind, yet I think I need distractions to get out of my head.  What were we talking about?  Oh yeah, what color said annoyingly whiney head should be.  Was thinking of trying Strawberry Blonde again.  Sadly I’ll still be the same annoying me inside though, just in a slightly fiestier package.  Maybe I’ll just stick with plain ole blonde.  I sure hope that ‘having more fun’ thing kicks in soon though! 🙂


I have decided, however, that I am going to stop trying to ‘fit in’ when I go out.  It’s just not my style.  I’m a Leo for shit’s sake.  I like to stand out.  I like to be noticed (hopefully for good reasons and not bad).  I like to be unique.  I am going to stop wearing stupid flats just because one of my shitty ex-friends told me I was single because I’m too tall when I wear awesome shoes that I love and guys are intimidated to talk to me.  Guess what?  I’ve been wearing flats for almost a year now and I’m still single, so too bad shorties.  I love my hot heels.  If you can’t handle a 6’2″ amazon, then you’re not the man for me anyway.  And I’m pulling all my bright colors back out of my closet.  I don’t want to ‘blend’.  Although I am a big fan of neutrals and classic whites and blacks, I also love exceptionally bright colors.  They make me happy.  And that’s pretty much what it’s all about, right?  So I’m going to be a really friggin’ tall, unusually dressed straight haired blonde with a big ole’ smile on my face and bright pink lipstick.  So there!


My god this was a disjointed post ………. sorry ’bout that 😉



6 Responses to “Do Blondes Have More Fun?”

  1. That always seem to be my deal with a break up thing. I change my hair, I’ve had blue, pink, black, red, purple, brown and a few others. I’ve been kicking around going back to red and cutting a bunch of it off. Maybe after I take down all my dating profiles. 🙂 I figure it’s just hair, it’ll grow back.

    • Really don’t have anything to do with the whole breakup thing (as I don’t think douchbag and I even ever counted as a couple), just sorta bored is all. And I certainly haven’t gone all rainbow bright with my hair like you have. 😉

  2. Matthew Says:

    Be yourself and others will notice.

    I haven’t continued my T-Shirt posts lately (because I’m building up to something awesome), but I went out last Friday wearing a particular favorite t-shirt of mine and it got commented on by at least 1 person everywhere I went (which was a whopping 2 places)…

    BUT the following day I was wearing one of my Muppet shirts and my NE Huskers ball cap and the teller at the bank gave me mad kudos on both. Then we continued to talk Muppets while she processed my transaction.

    I love my pro look at work and my casual look at non-work.

    But I get changing things up from time to time. I’ll vary the amount of facial hair, and how I shave from time to time.

    • I guess facial hair is the male equivalent of hair color for women 🙂

      Yeah, not sure why I stopped ‘being myself’ and trying to conform to what I thought others would want, but that’s not me. Sure, I won’t wear my platforms if I’m meeting a 5’10” guy (that would be cruel), but I’m certainly going to stop trying to make myself shorter or more ‘average’ ….. 🙂

  3. Janet in Philly Says:

    Just remember GG, the cliched “tall” comments will start from the guys who think they’re being clever. My college roomie was 6′, and heard them all. She married a guy who’s around 5’10. It works.
    Keep the long hair. Men can’t handle short hair – it’s always “you’d look great if you let your hair grow”. Oh yeah? Well, you’d look great without the beer gut, bub!

    Sheesh! A bit grumpy tonight, aren’t I? Maybe I should get together with the depressed guy…LOL.

    • Holy hell Janet, no one deserves to be with the depressed guy! I would think guys would encourage me to wear my beloved heels. It will put them closer to eye level with my cleavage. 😉

      And no worries about going short (hair, not guys). That’s never gonna happen again.

      I think you need to come to AZ for an alcohol soaked visit!

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