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Possibly The Most Depressing Message Ever Received Via Match August 16, 2011

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Okay, so this sad sack kinda guy has been messaging me for a couple of days on Match.  He’s pretty pathetic.  Negative, negative, negative.  Throw in a dash of woman hater and manic and you’ve pretty much got him.  I don’t even remember what his 1st message to me was but it smacked of sad hopelessness so for some unknown reason, my ‘fixer’ bent kicked in and I thought I’d try to help his cause along by attempting to point out a few things that he could do differently.  Like possibly not want to make the recipient of his messages slit their wrists.  Every response was more of the same ‘woe is me shit’ (shut up, I see the irony here between this guy and my incessant whining about douchey dictionary).  His last message to me basically stated that he’s sent out over 200 messages on Match in the past 3 months and has yet to get a date.  Uh, yeah, he’s obviously doing something wrong!  Being as I’m such a ‘pro’ *gag* on Match, i offered some tips.  To which I got this today:

Yea, it is pretty sucky. That’s why when my membership is done I will be very happy. Especially all the time I have invested. I don’t  think the customizing really matters because it all looks good on the screen but what if you meet the person & it’s totally different from what you saw online. (I’ve heard some horror stories) And yes I’ve ask a lot of them to meet & then I never hear from them again. Imagine that! LOL! It’s kinda like when I meet a girl somewhere (and it doesn’t have to be a bar) we talk, exchange numbers I call them & they never call back. It’s like if you weren’t interested from the start why did you even bother give me your number? I just don’t get it. After that has happened how many times over I don’t even bother getting a woman’s number anymore. What’s the point? I made the mistake of listening to my friends getting on here. I realize now whatever they tell me to do I’m doing the opposite! lol! You women can go out of town for a week & come back to 500 to 1,000 messages in your in box. But for us men it’s zero! Trust me, I’ve experienced it first hand. That’s part of the problem. women never e-mail the men so, how do we know what woman is interested in us? We could find a woman on here that could be perfect of what were looking for but, are we that perfect man there looking for? This why a lot of it is kind of a numbers game. Believe me, I’m not just going for anything I can get & I’m not going out of my league either. When you have a 100 to 200 other guys you have to compete with on a daily basis there are a lot of variables that it all entails. It’s like women can pick & choose the best contender but us men have to settle for the bits & scraps that are thrown to us from the dinner table. lol! It’s funny, 5 years ago It seemed like I never had a problem getting dates. I don’t know I guess it’s a sign from a few grey hairs & old age. lol!   

Okay, the fact that he throws in a few ill placed ‘lol’s amongst his suicide inducing sadness does not deter from the fact that I think this guy could depress Suzie Sunshine for shit’s sake.  Oh, and for the record, he is ‘trying’ out of his league.  Either that or you all lied to me yesterday and I really am a bit troll-like 😉 I really think I may tell him that this last message made me want to throw myself off the roof of my house ……..


6 Responses to “Possibly The Most Depressing Message Ever Received Via Match”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Wow, his spirit isn’t broken at all, is it?

    Geez. He could try and write a normal message to a woman but I seriously think it would come off as jaded…

    If I were talking to him I’d recommend that he stop now, not wait until the Match membership is up, and just take time to himself. Like a couple years.

    • haha, at LEAST a couple of years! I don’t even want to respond. His messages get progressively more depressing. Hell, i was thinking about throwing him a bone and meeting him, but I fear I would want to slit my wrists 10 minutes in ……….

  2. Harry Says:

    I have a friend that is like that NEGATIVE! He brought up some issue about me not attending his graduation 5 YEARS AGO!!! Give me a break! He unfriended me btw lol.

  3. stevesw Says:

    Not sure what his problem is, lol. Every day for the past several months I have received an email from Match (due to the free to look at their picture and profile, but pay to join to contact them offer…lol…and my no picture, half filled out profile…lol…) with the five or six women who are interested in me…lol. Of course 70% are above my age cut off, live 50-100 plus miles away, or their pictures tell a sad story, lol. However, I do find each week at least five possible, aside from the one who looked great but her enjoyment is triathlons and mountain climbing…lol. I would join Match if I received one that was too fantastic to pass up, so I could reply, but with my loss-of-luck…lol…she probably left Match three years ago and joined a convent after receiving emails form this guy. So if I have great luck and not even a member…lol…I think the guy’s problem on Match and at the bars, K-Mart, and 7-Eleven is, as you pointed out, his negative attitude. Maybe he should use emoticons…no, he would use the one that sheds tears and get your screen wet. PS, GGD, Last Friday there was a ‘I should join’ lady, but when I read her profile she said that she was looking for a Jewish guy..lol…oay!

    • Oy Vey Steve ……. so sorry that you beshert was not the lady that messaged you.

      Uh, thanks oh so much for having me spit my drink onto the computer screen. Never really noticed your love of all things ‘lol’ before. 😉

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