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New Friends August 17, 2011

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*uh, yeah, I’m kind of a shitty blogger …….. just found this in my drafts folder from Sunday.  Whoopsie*

So I met my new bloggy friend out last night (which would actually be last Saturday).  I got to the bar 1st (dressed entirely inappropriately – oh well) and picked a seat at the end of the bar so I could admire the crowd.  Now, by admire I kinda mean, count the number of teeth for some of the patrons.  No worries, I didn’t get into double digits. 😉  As I was sitting screwing around on my phone, in walks my adorable date for the evening.  Carrying flowers!  For me!  How friggin’ sweet is that?  I felt bad for not bringing her a wrist corsage or something ;-).

It was so fun meeting a fellow blogger and one that internet dates as well.  We shared lots of stories.  She about her current er, situation and me about my current er, nothing as that’s what I have going on in the world of online dating.  Nothing!  As she did find my blog towards the end of the whole douchey dictionary saga, I recanted the life and times of Webster & me from the start.  And notice that she’s looking at me like I might possibly be the biggest moron in the world for believing all that he told me and putting up with his disappearing acts.  Funny, sure, I’ve blogged about it every step of the way, but to actually tell the fucked up story from beginning to train wreck end, damn if I don’t sound like the biggest loser ever.  And desperate.  And like I chased him.  Nice.  Kinda glad I told her or else I’d still be looking at the situation in bits and pieces instead of on the whole.  Now don’t go getting all excited about never having to hear me whine about it any more or do one of my stellar wrestling matches with self doubt thanks to him as I’m sure they’ll still happen, but damn if I don’t ever want anyone looking pityingly at me again.  Lesson kinda sorta learned.

Anyway, we laughed, she taught me about some unused resources on OkStupid and shared stories.  This cute little man showed up towards the end who happened to have put a profile up on the site as well.  With no picture.  Uh, okay.  Anyway, my new friend seems to have known every single person in the bar.  Quite the social butterfly she is!  Oh, so back to this OkStupid untapped resource.  It looks hysterical as you post pictures I guess and people rate you against someone else and then they send you reports on which picture attracts the most ‘geeks, dorks, nerds, brainiacs, serial killers, etc….’  How excited am I?

I was a rude date of course and texting with  TallDark for part of the night.  He was actually at a poker game with all of his friends and ended up getting to be the highlight for some smack talk due to his texting with me.  Whoopsie.  Sorry about that TallDark.

It was an early night as my new pal wasn’t drinking (she’s MUCH more responsible than I am when driving) and I’m just kinda lame (no shocker there).  I am looking forward to the next time and having JaneDoe join us!


3 Responses to “New Friends”

  1. The flowers were for your birthday silly, mine is a ways away…… and there were 5 people there I didn’t know, so ha, and one of them I didn’t know was Mrs. Struggles with Gravity, thank God!

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