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A Riddle August 18, 2011

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What does one blogger + 1 friend from long ago + 3 dirty martinis + 3 Mike’s Hard Lemonades (not sure why I drink like a 16 year old these days) + 1 text fest with Tall Dark + 2 drunk guys hitting on blogger + friend + Chelsea Handler equal?  Yup, one damn hungover and tired me.  🙂 Went to go see my friend’s new condo last night and then out for cocktails.  She took me to an awesome place that I hadn’t been before.  Very cool vibe.  Live music out on the patio.  Yummy food.  Yummy drinks.  Lots of guys there.  I asked if it was a gay hang out and she said no.  Huh.  Of course the only ones that talked to us were drunk beyond belief and not very attractive.  Good times.  I was wearing my sky high platforms that put me right @ 6’2″ and my friend is 6’1″ in bare feet, so we towered over everyone.  Pretty funny.

Anyway, she internet dates as well and neither of us can figure out what we’re doing wrong.  She had an awesome 1st date with a guy last Sunday.  They spent the day at this same bar just talking and drinking wine for 8 hours!  And she hasn’t seen or heard from him since.  Whatever.  We kinda think that we used up all of our karmic guy points when we were younger.  We used to have WAY too much fun in our 20s and early 30s.  Never had to even try.  Guys all over the place.  Oh how times have changed.

So we hung out for a few hours and had a good time, but as she had to work today, we ended around 9.  And I came back home and kept drinking.  Nice, right?  And texting with TallDark.  And being a general weenie.  He asked how my night was and I told him it was weird.  He asked if I was on a date and I said no.  He asked why it was weird and I told him.  Some guys were talking to us and I guess I just don’t know how to take things sometimes.  I put a different ‘spin’ on things these days than I used to.  I then say (like the supreme loser that I am), that my confidence isn’t what it used to be and that affects how I interpret certain things.  He proceeds to tell me that he’s dealt with confidence issues all his life.  And I almost fell off my chair (and no, not due to the copious amounts of alcohol pickling my liver).  Here’s this uber handsome guy, sweet as can be with just about one of the best hearts ever telling me he has insecurity issues.  I tell him that I found that hard to believe as I think he’s pretty damn awesome and he sends back pretty much the same thing to me.  That he’s surprised I have confidence issues and doesn’t understand why.  Very sweet.

I guess what it comes down to is that everyone has some sort of insecurity about themselves.  It’s just all in how we deal with them and if we are going to allow them to come to the forefront very often.  I blame the alcohol (all gallon and a half) ;-).  Anyway, it was a kinda weird night all the way around.  And now my head hurts, I’m tired and I’m off to shoot at faceless paper targets! 🙂


oh, and you’re welcome for the nonsensical, disjointed and all around lame blog post. 🙂


2 Responses to “A Riddle”

  1. We need to find you an available version of TallDark – sounds like you two are becoming good friends which is really nice!

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